New Land Mines, Underground world, Valkyries(Combat/Construction Bots), Ore refining, Crash Site Items and Tech Loot, Subspace Transport, Sub-Dimensional Stacking, Biter harvesting, Droids. Placeable spawners, Alien Ooze, Ore Enrichments, conversions, Explosive Mining, Regenerative Walls and Belts, Recycler, Fluid controls(animated), Mini Boiler, Fishing Machine, Mini And Normal Loaders. Titanium Walls and Belts, Biter Neural Toxin and various entities can be automated or adjusted, Fish and Ooze juice now included.

24 days ago
0.16 - 1.0


Version: 0.18.61
    - Explosive mining will no longer work with cluster grenades
    - addition nill check for enemy entity teleport logic, issue identified by honktown
    - added sugested break by removing scorch mark with explisove mining
    - Added check for autoplace rock
  Bug Fixes:
    - fixe for explosive mining
Version: 0.18.60
  Bug Fixes:
    - Valkryrie on start quick fix
Version: 0.18.59
    - Modified loot to be more plentifull the further out
    - Making compat with space exploration
Version: 0.18.58
    - Added setting description for allow production modules in beacons will chage to speed where possible
    - Default setting for allow production modules now false and always false if se exists
Version: 0.18.57
    - Added setting to allow production modules in beacons, se compat
Version: 0.18.56
    - Added check to remove valkyrie radius visualization,  appears some events wern't working
Version: 0.18.55
    - Added option to disble droids
    - Tweaked glass recipe
    - Tweaked blank circuit recipe
    - added missing next_upgrade
    - wind trap option now output water or sludge
    - allowed productivity on beacons
    - allowed productivity on various recipes
    - updated wind trap graphics
Version: 0.18.54
    - Added setting to disable alien loot if loot chance = 0.
    - Added missing recipe names for fish and ooze juice
Version: 0.18.53
    - updated for liborio 0.18.04
    - updated all emissions to emissions_per_minute
Version: 0.18.52
  Bug Fixes:
    - fish.
Version: 0.18.51
    - reordered some condition checks.
Version: 0.18.50
  Bug Fixes:
    - mods removing items which makes them invalid loot.
Version: 0.18.49
  Bug Fixes:
    - on chunk charted fix in loot script
    - fixing issues with ghosts
    - checks for deconstruction of rocks
    - fixed blueprint underground.  was making them neutral but no longer
Version: 0.18.48
    - Added batteries for jump starting level 2 power
Version: 0.18.47
    - Made crashed loot weaker
    - Moved creation of loot table to only occour on init or config change, was big process and mat be case of desync
Version: 0.18.46
  Bug Fixes:
    - possible case of other mod setting crafting_speed to a string
    - updates for factorio version 0.18.22
Version: 0.18.45
  Bug Fixes:
    - underground access2 referenceing wrong table add/remove
Version: 0.18.44
    - Added blast radius indicator to nuclear landmines
  Bug Fixes:
    - noticed references to placed mines not being regesitered on re-load of saves
Version: 0.18.43
    - Migrated graphics over to graphics mod
    - Added new recipies
Version: 0.18.42
    - Added options for subspace transport
  Bug Fixes:
    - added test to see if modmash drones re-enabled and unlock recipies if required.
Version: 0.18.41
    - Added setting to allow loot to be places on other surface other than nauvis
    - Added setting for setting max recipie stack size for containers and super material
    - Added 3 new land mine types to worth with the detonator button
Version: 0.18.40
    - ensured crashed loot only placed on nauvis
    - made mines do damage to other entites
  Bug Fixes:
    - loader snapping disabled cause issues when loading old saves.
Version: 0.18.39
    - compatibility for stack size modifier mods
    - added option to use Klonan Construction Droids instead of Modmash Droids
    - modified setting belt snapping to only apply for belts
    - removed old setting show welcome screen
  Bug Fixes:
    - sprite size fix
Version: 0.18.38
    - updated valkyrie graphics
    - added more wiki entiries
    - updated thumbnail
    - pollution now travels from underground to nauvis
    - added digger biters
Version: 0.18.37
  Bug Fixes:
    - missing table creation for new or add to game
Version: 0.18.36
    - updated assembling machine 4 and 5 graphics
    - updated assembling machine 5 recipe
    - added modifier to loot to reduce chance the more you find
    - changed minable properties of level 2 rocks, and color
    - added chance for mixed or in underground level 2, twice the ore
Version: 0.18.35
    - built profiler to identify ups issues
    - biter spawner improvment before 0.012884ms,0.004200ms,0.009237ms after 0.000382,0.000250ms
    - updated biter neural toxing graphics and effects, spawners become neutral and spitters, biters player force
    - adjusted toxin logic for spitters. Artillery still target other turret types even if force changed.
Version: 0.18.34
    - added next level underground
    - was still not happy with underground update
    - changed valkrie attack range visibility in roboports to outline.
    - added more resources to level 2, will use from other mods
Version: 0.18.33
  Bug Fixes:
    - update references to is valid and persistant
    - updated underground access update speed
    - updated underground access graphic
Version: 0.18.32
  Bug Fixes:
    - update dependancy
Version: 0.18.31
  Bug Fixes:
    - fishing inserters work again
    - compatibility fix for angels refining
    - moved graphics to seperate mod
    - reduce update frequency of underground accesses
Version: 0.18.30
  Bug Fixes:
    - changelog can be seen in-game again (Honktown)
    - fix for missing ore types due to mods removing them
    - fix valve recipie icons
    - migrated all utils to use liborio
    - added valkryie radius to roboports
Version: 0.18.29
  Bug Fixes:
    - re-merge more missing changes (require __modmash__wiki error...)
    - loader-1x2's now usable with recycler
    - Honktown
Version: 0.18.28
    - changed option names and order a little bit. added a description to alien drop modifier
  Bug Fixes:
    - loader clone event would caused an error
    - alien loot setting didn't do anything
    - add 0.18.27 changes that were on the mod portal but not github
    - Honktown
Version: 0.18.27
    - Change alien ore resource color
  Bug Fixes:
    - Loader fix
    - Valve recipie icon fix
Version: 0.18.26
    - Prevented placement of air filters underground, Left as runtime option
Version: 0.18.25
    - Remove log messages on loot generation
    - Added Alien Ore to underground surface
    - Decreased underground rock health
Version: 0.18.24
  Bug Fixes:
    - zip vs unzipped folder name casing issue
Version: 0.18.23
    - Added Wiki
  Bug Fixes:
    - Added check for loader input on recyclers
Version: 0.18.22
    - Removed welcome screen plan to replace
  Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed version skip not adding new globals
Version: 0.18.21
    - Reduced dependancy on (entity) for creating surfaces
    - Added Names for rock
    - Tweaked rocks and spawning randomness
Version: 0.18.20
    - Added underground world
    - Added support for bob's mods titanium
  Bug Fixes:
    - Added on_load for loot.
Version: 0.18.19
  Bug Fixes:
    - nil check for optional max_health in local_create_entity_loot (Honktown)
Version: 0.18.18
    - typo in green wire fix
Version: 0.18.17
    - Rework modmash icons so they look better (Honktown)
Version: 0.18.16
    - Added light oil to crude oil
Version: 0.18.15
  Bug Fixes:
    - Fishing inserters shouldn't crash when there's no fish (Honktown)
Version: 0.18.14
  Bug Fixes:
    - check for recipe recursion in loot
Version: 0.18.13
    - Changed red and green wire result count to 2
    - Updated assembling machine 0 graphics
    - Remove hard coded localized name and description
  Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed loader snap, change of prototype name loader-1x1 and loader
    - Tightned get entities n,e,s,w functions.
    - Fixed assebling machine 0 to assembling-machine-burner add to player start
Version: 0.18.12
  Bug Fixes:
    - explosive mining no longer tries to mine fluids (honk)
    - check if explosive mining entity becomes invalid (honk honk)
    - removed excess add fish oid to enrichment 1 and 3. only on 1 now
Version: 0.18.11
  Bug Fixes:
    - Droid build change, could get stuck on anavailable ghosts
Version: 0.18.10
  Bug Fixes:
    - add accidentally-removed behavior from get_entities_around function (Honktown)
    - added check and edge case fizes for fishing inserters
Version: 0.18.09
  Bug Fixes:
    - Changed fishing insterter priority. Result of UPS Fix.
Version: 0.18.08
  Bug Fixes:
    - Reduced Valkyie derp
Version: 0.18.07
  Bug Fixes:
    - loader-1x1 now usable on recycler (A)uto (Honktown)
Version: 0.18.06
  Bug Fixes:
    - add extra nil checks to valves update tick (Honktown)
Version: 0.18.05
    - Nth tick optimizations
Version: 0.18.04
  Bug Fixes:
    - Droid fixes
    - Spawner fixes
Version: 0.18.03
  Bug Fixes:
    - Trying to elimiate dsync isses
    - Scaled added enrichment items probability to between 0.25 and 0.05
Version: 0.18.02
    - Optization for fishing inseters and
  Bug Fixes:
    - Get Entities fix
Version: 0.18.01
    - Added startup option, modifier for alien ore loot
    - Made loot scale to total raw cost
Version: 0.18.00
    - Update for 0.18
    - Added startup option for Science Ores from Enrichment Processes
    - Added max alerts to check
Version: 0.17.94
    - sludge treatment doesn't require steam (50 steam for 10 water?)
    - sludge treatment takes 50 sludge and makes 50 water (still in chemical plant for 1.5s - preferred to upscale instead of shorten time)
    - super material to oil 2 supermaterial -> 4 to match other conversions (still 500 oil)
    - enabled fish-oil to light oil and lubricant recipes, Enrichment 3
    - certain items couldn't be recycled on first defined difficulty (unknown reason) things like circuits, electric mining drills, few others, now enabled
    - Honktown (me) has been updating the last few times (0.17.91-0.17.93)
    - split off graphics into a dependency? (make main download much smaller)
    - wind trap doesn't output sludge (as it says). Want to change that.
    - discharge pump doesn't work for anything but water since .17 (bug, will work on)
  Bug Fixes:
    - don't assume an entity has an icon (it's optional if icons is defined)
Version: 0.17.93
    - setting for loader snapping (can stop conflict with other loader mods)
    - titanium pipe-to-ground string
    - super material strings for oil and uranium
    - super material to crude oil 100->500
Version: 0.17.92
  Bug Fixes:
    - skip creating loot if loot table is empty (games that start player off-center or reveal a lot of map)
Version: 0.17.91
  Bug Fixes:
    - don't insert into inventory on new game unless player has one (Sandbox fix)
Version: 0.17.90
    - updated welcome message
Version: 0.17.89
    - tweaked refined ore recipes to use original energy required * 1.2
    - Reduced damage of Alien Ammo and made recipie slightly harder
  Bug Fixes:
    - Fishing was working prior to research. (Still pick up fish but do not return or hunt)
Version: 0.17.88
    - Added setting for enviromental de-evolution previously always on
    - added dredge pump
Version: 0.17.87
    - Added cooldown period for driods unable to perform tasks.
Version: 0.17.86
    - Added Burner assmbling machine for to make glass a bit easier
Version: 0.17.85
    - Valkyries can now be deployed from connected roboports
    - Added ore refinery
Version: 0.17.84
  Bug Fixes:
    - Restricted active Valkyries active targets
Version: 0.17.83
  Bug Fixes:
    - Quick patch Valkyries return to base issue
Version: 0.17.82
  Bug Fixes:
    - Valkyries can now return to players
    - Added update support of for older saves
Version: 0.17.81
  Bug Fixes:
    - Nil check player character grid
Version: 0.17.80
  Bug Fixes:
    - Issues with cloning
Version: 0.17.79
    - Added Valkyries
  Bug Fixes:
    - Addded missing local detail
    - Added fix for migration issue
    - Added check for invalid surface and chunks
    - Biter nueral toxin created event was not firing
Version: 0.17.78
  Bug Fixes:
    - Debug flag left on
Version: 0.17.77
  Bug Fixes:
    - Bot smartness enhanced
Version: 0.17.76
  Bug Fixes:
    - Map editor crash
Version: 0.17.75
    - Added setting for glass difficulty
Version: 0.17.74
    - formalized some recipies due to other mods not checking
Version: 0.17.73
    - formalized some recipies due to other mods not checking
Version: 0.17.72
    - Added fix for mods overriding crafting-categories
    - Added limit to droid loot.
    - Balancing
Version: 0.17.71
    - Added auto recipe fix for duplicate and other recipe errors(NOT MODMASH)
    - Added tech tree fix for duplicates(NOT MODMASH)
    - Infinite shown in crafting menu
    - Added various settings
Version: 0.17.70
    - Smelting issue
Version: 0.17.69
    - Added Subspace transportation network
Version: 0.17.68
    - Quick patch, changes pushed back to next recipe
Version: 0.17.67
    - Loot table trying to create hitting nil ingeredient in recipe.
Version: 0.17.66
    - Release version forcing changes when they wernt required Debug Mode
Version: 0.17.65
    - Added recipe check for nils missing or duplicate ingredients and results
Version: 0.17.64
    - Moved names and descriptions to local
    - Added cost multiplier to generated tech
Version: 0.17.64
    - Begun moving names and desriptions to local
    - Patches
Version: 0.17.63
    - Patches
Version: 0.17.62
    - Loader bug fix
Version: 0.17.61
    - Updated all control scripts. Massive overhaul
    - Balanced biter neural toxin research range modifier
    - Balanced regenerative technology and entites
    - fishing inserters slightly optimized and can put fish back in water
    - recycle machine now works with loaders
    - better loader rotation
    - loaders can now load/unload cargo wagon
    - much better UPS
Version: 0.17.60
    - Generating correct names for generated items, recipes and technology
    - Added check for fluid boxes that can be invalid
    - Improved icon generation
Version: 0.17.59
    - Alien ooze generation fix
Version: 0.17.58
    - Tech loot,  and loot in general being added at same time
Version: 0.17.57
    - Tech loot,  Find broken sciences labs to unlock new technologies
Version: 0.17.56
    - Worked on super container tech contain and uncontain icons
    - Allowed raw resources as conatainable
    - Hige updates to enrichment and conversion recipes allowing for other mods
Version: 0.17.55
    - Added huge extension, Super Containers. Stack everything in hight tech sub dimensional containment units
    - Balancing some internals
    - Created Tech icons for Super Material
Version: 0.17.54
    - nill check for nil icon_size
Version: 0.17.53
    - nill alert returned, detected by BX442
Version: 0.17.52
    - Added a start with assembly machine for creating silicates needed for glas without the need to hand craft
    - Fixes to work Angels and subsequently others
Version: 0.17.51
    - Utils moved to modmash.util and used functions made local in each file using it
    - Welcome message only shows once
    - Added a start with assembly for creating silicates needed for glas without the need to hand craft
    - Found few places where code was calling something I had re-named
    - Fixes to work Angels and subsequently others
Version: 0.17.50
    - droid modifier nil bug
Version: 0.17.49
    - Added welcome screen as per suggestion by lamarias
    - Generate raw material recipes for Super Material, will generate non vanilla resources
Version: 0.17.48
    - Loot now can work with other mod entities and generates groups of loot based on groupings of item types
    - Recycling machine can now recyle most things
    - Code cleanup
    - Fixing names and recipe categories
    - More work on bots
Version: 0.17.47
    - Added Super Material
    - Added Super Boiler
    - Added Super Material to Uranium 235 and crude oil recipes
    - Made droids visible on map
Version: 0.17.46
    - Updates to Name and Descriptions in Recipes
    - Recycle recipes need not show in crafting menu 
    - Items showing as made in valves removed
    - Removed Pipe Enhancements to prone to introducing problems
    - UPS fix for Valves converted mostly to recipe and more efficent scripts
Version: 0.17.45
    - Recyling machine fix. Freedback from PyroFire,Mugiwaxar 
    - Compatibility issues fixed
    - Cleaned out old files Commit to Git
Version: 0.17.44
    - Discharge Pump Icon was pointing to Offshore Pump.
    - Updated Changelog format and Info.Json to reflect incompatible mods
Version: 0.17.42
    - Added more loot.
    - More sanity checks 
    - Fix for alerts being presented with no target
    - Fixes from Mugiwaxar incorperated
Version: 0.17.41
    - Added loot boxes. in the form of crash site chests generated randomly
    - Added with Deadlock's Industrial Revolution chargeable imersite batteries.
    - Removed alerts for biters getting killed when they have been hit by biter neural toxing
    - Removed created biter spawners leaving ghosts
Version: 0.17.40
    - Updated Ore Icons and changed sand to silicates.
    - Normal loaders rendering were not correctly.
Version: 0.17.39
    - Droids now have Build and Repair modes
    - Indicators added to Recycling Machines and Valves
    - Fluid controls now animated
Version: 0.17.38
    - Updated droids to be less derpy
    - Added check for nil names in recipes
    - Insterters now require burner inserters removed iron plate and cogs
    - Droids now have Attack Mode
    - Construciton And logistics recipe changed. replace circuits with droid.
    - Droid now has to be unloked by circuits but easier to build
Version: 0.17.26
    - The biter spawners you can build are now neutral so they are not attacked
    - Biters that are spawned by neutral spawners the become enemies. harvest.
Version: 0.17.20
    - Added Biter Neural Toxin. Lobotomizes biters so they don't attack anymore. 
    - Neural Toxin Range enhancements researchable
    - Added some requested options in the mod setting
Version: 0.17.10
    - Added Glass. Blank Circuits 
    - Changed Recipies for Circuits
    - Overhaul for version 17
Version: 0.16.00
    - Alien Ooze. used for ore conversions and other recipies
    - Added Titanium Pipes
    - Added Fluid Technology Tiers 4 to 7
    - Added research to increase Droid Targeting Range
    - Added Titanium and Alien Bullets
Version: 0.16.91
    - Droids. can toggle between various modes and research can increase their potential
    - Mini Boiler Max temp is 90 degrees so no perpetual energy machines.
Version: 0.16.89
    - Fixed Hi Res belt bug
Version: 0.16.80
    - Fixed issued with condenser valve
Version: 0.16.70
    - Added Titanium ore and plates
    - Added Alien ore and plates
    - Added Titanium Belts Stronger and Faster
    - Added Regenerative Belts Stronger, Faster and Repair themselves over time
    - Added Titanium Walls
    - Added Regenerative Walls
    - Enemies now have Alien ore as loot depending on their Max Health
    - Added various enrichment recipes
    - Mini Boiler now uses power
    - Various recipes require titanium
    - Fixed issued with condenser valve
Version: 0.16.60
    - Fixes Discharge Pump Removal Error. thanks spooks029 for finding it.
Version: 0.16.50
Date: 6-01-2019
    - Added Mini Boiler
Version: 0.16.40
    - Recycler Couldn't remove recyclers
Version: 0.16.30
    - Recyling machine
    - Air purification
    - Lot's proir