Mini Machines Mod

by Kryzeth

Miniature versions of assemblers, electric furnaces, etc. Full integration with all of Bobs mods and ShinyBobGFX/ShinyAngelGFX, Industrial Revolution, Factorio Extended Plus (FXP), Gotlag's Electric Furnaces, AAI Industry, Fantario, and One More Tier. (independently, not necessarily simultaneously)

a month ago
0.13 - 1.1
BY-NC 4.0
7 years ago
Latest Version:
8.0.17 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
0.13 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
7.44K users

Adds miniature (2x2) versions of other machines. Inspired by Dark Matter Replicators' tenemut furnace and Bob Assembly's electronics assembling machine. Later realized Gotlag's Electric Furnaces mod also added in 2x2 stone and steel furnaces. Whoops. These furnaces will work in tandem with those from that mod however, in that they fill different niches (stone/steel have no module slots) and provide a simple upgrade path within the same form factor

Currently includes assemblers, furnaces, miners, refineries, chemical plants, storage tanks, beacons, and raders in vanilla, and electrolysers, chemical furnaces, metal mixing furnaces, and multi-purpose furnaces with bobs mods. Bonus compatibility with icons from ShinyBobGFX,/ShinyAngelGFX and using the new intermediates from bobs electronics, bobs ores, and bobs plates. Strongly recommended to disable the Large Area Mining Drills from Bobs Mining mod settings, as the mini miners accomplish a similar purpose of allowing more entities to mine the same patch of ore.

Feedback is very much accepted. Topics currently in consideration:
None atm. Fully featured compatibility with most big mods already, listed in mod description. Anything missing?

Config options available to disable each type of mini machine, disable balance changes (making mini machines equal to the originals in every way but size), customizing balance to user preference, and disabling the miniaturization tech tree.

If the miniaturization tech tree is enabled, mini machines are unlocked by a respective technology which requires the previous tier of mini machine, as well as the equivalent tier of the regular sized machine (ex: Mini Assembler 2 requires Mini Assembler 1 and Automation 2). Techs are 2/3 the cost of the base technology. If disabled, mini machines are unlocked by the same tech as their original sized machines.

If mini-balance is enabled, recipes dynamically change to 2/3 of the base machine, crafting speed of mini machine is reduced by 3/4, and module slots are reduced by 1. These are the default amounts, and can be customized, or disabled entirely. The mini storage tank also contains half the capacity of the base machine. This currently cannot be changed.

Other mods compatibility:
--Bobsmods: Creates mini machine versions of the newly added higher tiered machines. Implements intermediates from bobs electronics and bobs ores/plates, if detected.
--Gotlag's Electric Furnaces: Creates mini machine versions of the newly added furnaces. Can be used alongside bobs mods.
--Factorio Extended Plus: Creates mini machine versions of the newly added higher tiered machines.
--Fantario: All changes to base machines (requiring heat/fuel) are copied by mini machines, requiring the same power source. Miniaturization technology requires basic science pack tech. New intermediates are properly used in mini machine recipes.
--AAI Industry: Miniaturization technology requires new electricity tech. New intermediates are properly used in mini machine recipes.

Known Mini-Issues:
Mini machines with fluid outputs sometimes look a bit odd when connecting pipes to them (the pipes in their sprite have been shrunk along with the base model and may appear too small to visibly connect).