Mini Machines Mod

by Kryzeth

Miniature versions of assemblers, electric furnaces, etc. Full integration with all of Bobs mods and ShinyBobGFX/ShinyAngelGFX, Industrial Revolution, Factorio Extended Plus (FXP), Gotlag's Electric Furnaces, AAI Industry, and Fantario. (independently, not necessarily simultaneously)

9 days ago
0.13 - 1.1


This mod is fully compatible with all of Bobsmods, Angelsmods, Electric Furnaces by GotLag, and Factorio Extended Plus (FXP). However, only inter-compatibility between Bobs/Angels and Mini Machines is tested and working. Neither Electric Furnaces nor FXP should be used alongside Bobs/Angels, and will most likely crash Mini Machines.

--"How to unlock?"
If you have the mini tech tree setting enabled (it is by default), you'll have to research Basic Miniaturization, and then the tech of whatever you want miniaturized, and then the mini machine tech for that tier of machine. For the next tier, you will have to first research and unlock the previous tier.
If you have disabled the mini tech tree setting, the mini machines will unlock with the same tech as the base machine (meaning the mini assembler, mini miner, and mini radars will be unlocked from the start)

--"Too weak?"
There is a mini machine balance setting (enabled by default) which reduces various stats of the mini machines in order to keep them balanced with their base forms. Disable this setting to have the mini machines have the exact same stats as their base forms, if you only want them to be smaller.

I accept most suggestions, but check to make sure someone hasn't already suggested something similar in the past. I might have commented a reason why I can't/won't implement said suggestion.

Before posting in the discussion tab, check if anyone else has reported a similar issue within the last month or so. If there are no similar recent reports, please take note of which settings you might have changed from the default in Mini Machines, and which big mods you have which may affect assembling machines, furnaces, etc (Such as Bobs mods, Angels mods, Omni mods, AAI, or ShinyIcons/Bobs/Angels, to name a few)