Biter Power

Generate electricity by placing biters on treadmills. Biters can be caught with cage traps, or by placing an egg extractor on a buried biter nest. Biters get tired after running on the treadmill after which they need be revitalized, which could be hazardous. Warning, biters might escape!

16 days ago


Version: 0.3.1
Date: 16.01.2021
    - Renamed `Biter Revitalization` Center to `Biter Revitalizer`.
    - Rich text in Cage Trap description (Thanks Xorimuth!).
Version: 0.3.0
Date: 09.01.2023
    - Now have individual caged items for all biters/spitters with different fuel values and changes of escape.
    - Biter husbandry only available after capturing an initial specimen with a Cage Trap.
    - Added Reinforced Treadmill Generator with higher power output.
    - High tier biters (Big and Behemoth) can only be used in Reinforced Treadmill Generator.
    - Caged biters can now be released back into the wild.
    - Doubled Buried Biter Nest's effective power output to 20MW.
    - Quadrupled biter's base energy levels.
    - Halved amount of Incubators and Revitilization Centers required.
    - Biter escape changes are now mainly based on biter type, and not machine type.
    - Improved biter on treadmill graphics. All biters are blackish. Not possible to have custom colours.
    - Changed base biter-to-egg ratio from 10-to-1 to 5-to-1.
    - Changed Tired Caged Biter icons to be less red.
Version: 0.2.6
Date: 30.12.2022
    - [AAI Programmable Vehicles] Add all biters to deadzone whitelist so that biter escapes are not denied (Thanks Preceti2!).
Version: 0.2.5
Date: 23.11.2022
    - Biter Power is now effectively pollution neutral. 
      - Significantly decreased Egg Extractor pollution.
      - Removed pollution from Treadmill Generator.
Version: 0.2.4
Date: 23.11.2022
    - Fix Revitilizatio Center graphics not being scaled properly for normal resolution. (Thanks Ray1claw!)
Version: 0.2.3
Date: 14.11.2022
    - Revert debugging code accidentally left enabled.
Version: 0.2.2
Date: 14.11.2022
    - Fix Egg Extractors not being placeable on naturally generated Buried Biter Nests (Thanks lookingat and jcsmithover!).
Version: 0.2.1
Date: 13.11.2022
    - Treadmill Generator and Incubator recipes are now cheaper.
    - Buried Nests now contains more eggs.
    - Incubators now supports more generators.
    - Doubled power output of system (Treadmill Generators now produce 1MW).
Version: 0.2.0
Date: 12.11.2022
    - Change some buildings' recipes.
    - Reduced energy in caged biters by a factor 10 to reduce latency in the system.
    - Corrected and scaled other systems for smoother gameplay.
    - Biter Revitilization Center's no longer drop eggs. It was too complicated to maintain.
    - Cage Traps can now be placed by robots.
    - Correctly place Incubation and Revitilization recipes.
Version: 0.1.0
Date: 12.11.2022
    - Treadmill Generator to generate power from biters.
    - Revitilization Center to reenergize tired biters.
    - Incubator to hatch biter eggs.
    - Egg Extractor to extract eggs from a Buried Biter Nest.
    - Buried Biter Nest which can be find under some surface Biter Nests.
    - Cage Trap to catch unsuspecting biters in a cage to be utilized later.
    - Biters can escape from some buildings.