Factorio and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Adds Tiberium ore that spreads - Harvest it, refine it, and convert it to power, weapons, and other ores. By Zillo7 (0.15), SAH4001 (0.16), Oktabyte (0.17), JamesFire and randomflyingtaco (0.17 update and 0.18+)

21 days ago
0.17 - 1.1


Version: 1.1.24
    - Fixed SRF emitters being disabled by AOE damage
    - Fixed crashes occurring when new forces were created
    - Fixed speed upgrades not working when Space Exploration is active
Version: 1.1.23
    - Fixed Tiberium ore growing on top of water when certain mods were active (Thanks to Tazzer93 for fixing this with a pull request!)
    - Fixed centrifuging recipes missing ores when Extended Rocket Payloads Continued was active
    - Fixed Tiberium Armor items and recipes still showing up in certain menus after they were removed
    - Updated compatibility for new version of Obelisks of Light mod
    - Made AAI miners immune to damage from Tiberium growth so they stop dying while mining Tiberium
    - Created add_tiberium_immunity and add_tiberium_immunity_prototype remote interface functions so other mods can flag their entities as unaffected by the damage from Tiberium growth
Version: 1.1.22
    - Fixed crash that occurred when converting technologies
    - Added Chinese translation, thanks to BubbleDragon
Version: 1.1.21
    - Fixed crash resulting from other mods changing the pumpjack icon structure earlier than expected
    - Fixed crash that occurred when parsing blank technologies
    - MARV now creates pollution while running
    - Added "Easy Mode" setting that simplifies recipes and adds early game transmutation recipes
    - Added /tibPauseGrowth command to toggle Tiberium growth
    - Updated compatibility for Obelisks of Light mod
    - Updated French and Russian translations thanks to Fr_Dae and CV514, respectively
Version: 1.1.20
    - Added notification for when Blue Tiberium begins spawning in the wild
    - The first wild growth of Blue Tiberium has significantly increased size to be more noticeable
    - Added compatibility for RampantResources to make Tiberium Ore still function in the normal way
    - Added /tibShareStats command to generate a shareable text file with information about the current game
    - Catalyst Missiles now start a chain reaction of Tiberium-destroying explosions instead of just an initial blast
    - Blue Tiberium spawns 20% sooner
    - Chem Plants crafting Blue Tiberium recipes now have blue smoke
    - Tiberium Sludge Processing now only requires Tiberium Mechanical Research instead of Tiberium Slurry Centrifuging
    - Tiberium Sludge to Stone Brick is now unlocked by Tiberium Sludge Processing
    - Recipes related to processing Blue Tiberium moved to new Blue Tiberium Refining tech
    - Advanced Guard Tower and Tiberium Core Rockets split from Tiberium Military 2 into a new tech called Tiberium Rocketry
    - Tiberium Seed Rockets and Liquid Tiberium Bombs split from Tiberium Military 3 into a new tech called Advanced Tiberium Rocketry 
    - Tiberium infinite techs changed to require Tiberium Military 3 instead of Tiberium Military 2
    - Sonic Emitters and Catalyst Missiles moved to a new tech called, well, Sonic Emitters and Catalyst Missiles
    - Tiberium Military tech line made cheaper to reflect the having fewer recipes
    - Blue Tiberium refining recipes are now slower and more expensive
    - Catalyst Missiles now require significantly more Tiberium Explosives
    - Tiberium Core Missiles and Sonic Grenades are now significantly cheaper and faster to craft
    - Changed Sonic Emitter recipe to require Electric Engines
    - Fixed Tiberium Waste Recycling missing a prerequisite for Chemical Science Packs
    - Fixed the Molten Tiberium Centrifuging tech listing it's recipes in an annoying order
Version: 1.1.19
    - Fixed SRF Emitters not connecting after Factorio 1.1.49
    - Added Sonic Grenades, Tiberium Catalyst Missiles, and Anti-Tiberium Sonic Emitters as additional ways to quickly destroy Tiberium Ore
    - Sonic Grenades are thrown and affect a small area. They are unlocked at Tiberium Military 2
    - Tiberium Catalyst Missiles are shot from a rocket launcher and affect a large area. They are also unlocked at Tiberium Military 2
    - Anti-Tiberium Sonic Emitters are turrets that attack nearby Tiberium Ore. Good for both pushing back Tiberium as well as maintaining a front. They are unlocked at Tiberium Containment
    - Added Blue Tiberium, a rare, energy-dense variant of Tiberium with explosive properties
    - Blue Tiberium starts spawning over top of existing Tiberium fields when the Evolution Factor is above 50%
    - As the Evolution Factor approaches 100% Blue Tiberium expands more rapidly, completely overtaking Green Tiberium Fields
    - Blue Tiberium has it's own refining recipes and can be turned into Liquid Tiberium or Tiberium Explosives
    - There are separate versions of Sonic Grenades, Tiberium Catalyst Missiles, and Anti-Tiberium Sonic Emitters that only destroy Blue Tiberium if you want to defend your Green Tiberium fields from infection
    - If you want to embrace the Blue Tiberium, we've added Blue Tiberium farming, enrichment, and seed missiles
    - Added Blue Tiberium Mutation technology that unlocks synthesizing and farming Blue Tiberium, require Tiberium Growth Acceleration
    - Liquid Tiberium Power technology no longer requires Liquid Tiberium Centrifuging
    - Advanced Tiberium Containment technology now require Blue Tiberium Mutation instead of Tiberium Growth Acceleration
    - Tiberium Obersvation Farming now requires 1 Blue Tiberium Ore as a catalyst
    - Tiberium Core Missile and Liquid Tiberium Bomb recipes now use Tiberium Explosives instead of Liquid Tiberium
    - Liquid Green Tiberium Seed Rocket recipe now uses Tiberium Ore and less Liquid Tiberium
    - Added charging and working sounds to SRF Emitters
    - Added a sound for SRF walls successfully connecting
Version: 1.1.18
    - Fixed a visual issue where Blossom Tree sprites would remain after the node was mined out
    - Fixed crash that occurred when other mods had strings in fields that didn't support them
    - Fixed modded rocket silos causing incorrectly weighted centrifuging recipes
    - Fixed bug where setting tibPerformanceMultiplier to a number over 10 made performance worse (Thanks to Dullahan from our Discord for investigating this)
    - Added compatibility for the more commonly used Kux-OrbitalIonCannon mod
    - Added compatibility for new Mining-Drones-Tiberium mod that supports mining drones mining from newly grown Tiberium Ore patches
    - Empty Fuel Cells can now be crafted in Assemblers or by hand instead of requiring a Chemical Plant
Version: 1.1.17
    - Fixed crashing when other mods named their repeatable technologies in an unexpected way
    - Fixed displaying some debug messages when not in debug mode
    - Fixed crash that occurred when deleting surfaces containing Tiberium nodes (mainly from SE)
    - Fixed bug where placing and removing drills near multiple TCN beacons could cause other drills to lose beacon effects
    - Fixed bug where removing Growth Accelerator left behind a hidden beacon that affected the next drill placed on top of the Tiberium node
    - Fixed bug where drills affected by TCN beacon would indicate no power if the powered area did not extend to the center of the drill
    - Fixed bug where researching Growth Accelerator/TCN speed would only update one entity per surface to the new speed
    - Fixed centrifuging recipes giving science packs or giving nothing with certain mod combinations
    - Fixed TNN and AOE Node Harvester areas not lining up with the grid
    - Fixed bug where we weren't smart enough to make Blossom Trees indestructible
    - Fixed deprecated recipes not being hidden
    - Fixed bug where new Tiberium nodes could still spawn when the spread setting was set to 0
    - Fixed bug where some damage to players from Tiberium growth was not mitigated by Tiberium military technologies
    - Fixed Tiberium science recipes missing shadows in their icons
    - Other mods can now define the relative of their modded ores and fluids by setting the "tiberium_multiplier" property to a number.  Higher numbers mean we give less of it and math.huge means that we won't allow Tiberium to be converted into the ore at all.
    - Other mods can now flag and item as used in barreling recipes by setting the "tiberium_empty_barrel" property on the item prototype to "true". This will help improve the accuracy of Tiberium centrifuging recipes when both mods are active
    - Added compatibility for Obelisks of Light mod, so you can have nicer Obelisks with animations. (Shoutout to Sacredanarchy for creating the animations)
    - You can now craft Tiberium science in relevant assembling machines from most other mods, instead of just Angels/Bobs/Krastorio2. (Thanks to Honktown for pointing out how simple this was)
    - Centrifuging recipes now always cost a fixed amount and have a percent chance to give rarer ores instead of scaling up the cost until the rare ores could be rounded to a whole number.
    - We no longer scale the resource amounts from the Override Centrifuging Outputs setting
    - Growth Accelerators now make noise when they are running
Version: 1.1.16
    - Tiberium growth no longer damages train signals or Klonan's mining drones/depots
    - Made Tiberium processing recipes available at Oil Refineries when Industrial Revolution 2 is active. Thanks to Archie from our Discord for proactively implementing this as a patch mod
    - Fixed Tiberium processing recipes being inaccessible when using other mods that mess with Refineries. The recipes will become available at Tiberium Centrifuges as a fallback
    - Fixed a crash from other mods creating new forces
    - New setting to override Tiberium Centrifuging outputs so users that know better than the algorithm can specify more balanced resource amounts
    - When structures containing Tiberium fluids are destroyed, they spill to create Tiberium ore patches
    - Other mods can now flag any item for conversion into sludge in centrifuging recipes by setting the "tiberium_sludge" property on the item prototype to "true"
    - Tiberium Seed Rocket behavior standardized so it now destroys trees and no longer cause ore patches to go above maximum richness
    - Removed Ion Beam Projector (use Obelisk of Light instead)
    - Improved centrifuging recipe generation to weight resources for science packs that are used more frequently and in larger amounts and to avoid different tiers having identical outputs
Version: 1.1.15
    - Fixed crash that occurred when used with mods that remove uranium ore
    - Fixed some players being unable to drive MARVs or take damage from Tiberium
    - Fixed prototype copying to crash less often when other mods do bad things to vanilla prototypes
    - Added /tibPerformanceMultiplier command that can improve UPS on servers with thousands of Tiberium nodes
    - Updated console commands to only display outputs to the player using them to avoid spamming servers
    - Updated the /tibDeleteOre command to have a limit on the number of entities it will update at a time to prevent the command from permanently freezing on large maps
Version: 1.1.14
    - Fixed centrifuging recipes breaking when used with mods with specific recipe configurations (Krastorio 2, DeepMine, Bob's Mods, and Industrial Revolution 2)
    - Less crashing and error message spam when deleting Tiberium nodes
    - Moved V2 Venom Chemical Sprayer Ammo from Tiberium Military 2 tech to Tiberium Military 1 tech and updated prerequisites
    - Added missing Tiberium Ore icon to map generation screen
    - Made Tiberium map color brighter and uranium map color darker to reduce confusion
Version: 1.1.13
    - Added Obelisk of Light (Ion Beam Projector will be removed in a future update)
    - Added Advanced Guard Tower, a turret that shoots rockets
    - Added Tiberium Chemical Sprayer weapon ammo
    - Updated French and Russian translations thanks to Fr_Dae and CV514, respectively
    - Fixed crash caused by other mods/scripts deleting Tiberium nodes
    - Tiberium Ore will now spawn even when Omnimatter is active
    - Tiberium will now grow on top of landfill when Alien Biomes is active
Version: 1.1.5
    - Here's a quick summary of all the 1.1 changes. Feel free to read the notes from the other 1.1.X patches if you want all the details
    - New Structures:
    - AOE Node Harvester - Multiple harvesters on a single Tiberium node? A single harvester for multiple Tiberium nodes? The possibilities are endless!
    - Tiberium Control Network - A specialized beacon for when your Tiberium miners aren't going fast enough
    - New Recipes:
    - Tiberium Science Recipe overhaul - Split Tiberium Data into 5 separate items, one coming from each type of Tiberium testing, with bonuses for mixing and matching. New Tiberium Science should be more interesting to optimize
    - Tiberium refining recipes diversified - Tiberium Slurry is now produced in an assembling machine and Liquid Tiberium now requires steam. Added an alternate recipe for Molten Tiberium if you feel like being fancy
    - Changed Cetrifuging Tiers - Removed Tiberium Ore Centrifuging and added Liquid Tiberium Centrifuging
    - New Mechanics:
    - Tiberium can infect trees - Tiberium now converts and kills trees as it spreads, rapidly infecting densely-wooded areas
    - Quality of Life:
    - UI for lining up SRF emitters - No more guessing whether your fences will connect!
    - Better icons - We said better icons, not good icons
    - Mod Compatibility:
    - Expanded compatibility with Bob's Mods, Py Petroleum, Extended Descriptions, and Krastorio 2
    - Reduced the number of mods that will cause the Tiberium Centrifuging recipes to break
    - Tiberium Armor replaced - Now you can protect yourself from Tiberium damage while using armor from any mod
    - Tiberium Network Node shrunk - Smaller, cheaper, and less likely to cause brownouts
    - Ion Beam Projectors significantly less overpowered - They are still pretty good, though
    - Technology costs rebalanced - Technologies split up so you can get the good stuff without paying for any of the extras
    - Liquid Tiberium Bomb now takes 1000 Liquid Tiberium instead of 10
Version: 1.1.4
    - Expanded on, and corrected, the wiki entry for the Tiberium Control Network Beacon.
    - Tiberium Control Network Beacon no longer takes power.
    - Every Entity affected by the Tiberium Control Network Beacon has a flat 2MW power requirement, in addition to the increased power usage on the entity itself.
    - Fixed a literally unplayable typo.
    - Fixed Tiberium refining recipes being unavailable when Pyanodon's Petroleum Handling was active.
    - Updated Russian translation including the entire Wiki. Thanks to CV514, once again!
Version: 1.1.3
    - Now compatible with Factorio version 1.1
    - Changed our infinite research technology icons to match the new style for 1.1
    - Added some missing zeroes to Liquid Tiberium Bomb recipe, so it now takes 1000 Liquid Tiberium instead of 10
    - Fixed Tiberium Spike entity icon size
    - Better resolution image for Liquid Tiberium Power technology
    - Tiberium nodes will no longer spawn underneath existing structures
Version: 1.1.2
    - Removed Tiberium Ore Centrifuging
    - Added Liquid Tiberium Centrifuging
    - Made Liquid Tiberium less expensive, recipes give more of it and recipes that use it require more of it
    - Tiberium Slurry now made in assemblers instead of oil refineries
    - Tiberium Slurry now takes less water
    - Moved refining recipes to the main testing technology chain
    - Split TCN into separate technologies: TCN and Advanced Containment
    - Split Advanced Molten Tiberium Processing out to its own tech
    - Moved Tiberium power-related recipes to a new technology
    - Changed most prereqs, the first Tiberium tech is now locked behind Automation 2
    - Tiberium Control Network model updated to be the pre-1.0 beacon
    - The 3 tiers of Tiberium Centrifuges now have unique icons
    - Tiberium Centrifuges now work with upgrade planners
    - Tech costs rebalanced
    - Ion Beam Projectors nerfed to have less range (48->40) and fire less often (1.5->0.5), they are probably still too strong
    - Updated Tib Only start with assembling machines, more pipes, and more technologies to account for the prereq and refining changes
    - Tiberium armors have been removed (they were made irrelevant by 1.1.0)
    - Improved localisation support through better string paramerization and less string redundancy
    - Fixed crash from Krastorio 2 and the new Space Exploration science packs
    - Fixed crash from mining SRF Emitters
    - Fixed recipes from other mods with 0 quantity outputs breaking centrifuging recipes
    - Blossom Trees that were destroyed by any means are now regenerated the next time that the node grows
    - Fixed Space Exploration causing centrifuging recipes to give science packs directly
    - Fixed crash that occurred when destroying an SRF Wall Segment but not the connected SRF Emitter Hubs (Thanks to Nagua for submitting this pull request!)
Version: 1.1.1
    - Added compatibility for mods that alter our descriptions (such as Extended Descriptions)
    - SRF Emitters now show connection lines to other SRF Emitters when you are placing them
    - Added icons for the 9 new Tiberium Science recipes added by 1.1.0
    - Added fancy descriptions the fancy Tiberium Science recipes
    - Updated Growth Credit from Energy icon
    - Tiberium Science recipes crafting time reduced to 1 second and can now be crafted by hand
    - Tiberium Data recipes crafting time increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds
    - Centrifuge recipe calculation now supports custom rocket silos added by mods (e.g. Py)
    - Centrifuge recipe calculation now attempts to identify categories of unbalanced recipes and exclude them when calculating science pack costs
    - Slightly reduced the rate at which new Tiberium nodes are spawned overall to compensate for the faster spreading in forests
    - Fixed crash from modded ores that used certain IconSpecification formats
    - Fixed trees growing on top of Tiberium Nodes
    - Fixed Tiberium being able to infect trees on the other side of SRF walls
    - Fixed missing descriptions on some items
    - Fixed some drills from other mods not being able to mine Tiberium ore
    - Fixed collision properties of Node Harvesters, Growth Accelerators, and Tiberium Spikes
    - Fixed Tiberium Science recipes not being available in Advanced Assembling Machines or Advanced Chemical Plants added by Krastorio 2
Version: 1.1.0
    - Added entries for the new equipment
    - Growth Credit Recipes now show what ore they are made from.
    - Updated the Growth Credit icon to 64x64
    - Tiberium Control Node now has far less range(30x30, down from 100x100), in addition to much less power required.
    - Changed a bunch of internal names of items and entities.
    - Added an automated thing for adding ore icons to growth credit recipes
    - Switched the Ion Core back to the old Nuclear Reactor icon
    - Refinement recipes crafting time increased from 2 to 5
    - Refinement recipes input materials increased from 10 to 16
    - Refinement recipes output materials increased from 6 to 10
    - Liquid Tiberium recipe now significantly faster, requires steam, gives water as a byproduct, produces signficantly more pollution, and is now produced in an Oil Refinery
    - Tiberium Power Plant no longer produces pollution
    - Changed Tiberium Farming to give Tiberium Data from Chemical Tests
    - Replaced Tiberium Armor and Tiberium Field Suit items with bonus effects from their technologies which reduce Tiberium Damage taken by 80% and 100%, respectively
    - Conditional recipe changes for a bunch of buildings. Steel is mostly replaced by Titanium/Aluminum, Pumpjacks/Mining Drills use upgraded versions(At least for Bob's), TCN Beacon uses Advanced Processing Units
    - AOE Node Harvester, for all your multi node harvesting needs.
    - Tiberium Control Network added. Boosts all tiberium harvesting structures, for a fair bit of extra power required.
    - Added new Advanced Molten Tiberium Processing recipe that also requires Crude Oil, but gives Sulfuric Acid and more Molten Tiberium
    - Split Tiberium Data into 5 separate items, one coming from each type of Tiberium testing, each type of Tiberium Data can be turned into Tiberium Science with different ratios
    - Added 4 special recipes where you can turn in sets of different types of Tiberium Data to get more Tiberium Science than you would normally
    - Tiberium can now infect nearby trees, turning them into Blossom Trees, causing Tiberium to spread more rapidly in heavily forested areas
Version: 1.0.9
    - New French translation.  Thanks to Fr_Dae and Omicron's french team.  [Traduit par la Team Omicron] https://discord.gg/rxqqBS8
    - New Russian translation.  Thanks to CV514 from our Factorio and Conquer Discord.
    - Fixed crash from /tibDeleteOre command
Version: 1.0.8
    - /tibDeleteOre command now also deletes nodes that grew on invalid terrain.  Can be useful if you had Tiberium growing on water or in the void of space from before 1.0.8
    - Fixed Tiberium damaging train tracks
    - Fixed MARV destroying Blossom Trees
    - Fixed Blossom trees not reappearing when Tiberium Spikes were deconstructred
    - Fixed nodes sometimes missing a growth cycle when other nodes were mined out
    - Fixed Tiberium Science missing from Angel's Industry's labs and reduced the odds of it happening for other tech overhauls in general
    - Fixed Tiberium growing on certain tile types that shouldn't have resources on them (water and the void of space)
    - Fixed Tiberium Seed Missiles not destroying other resources when they grow Tiberium ore
    - Fixed centrifuge recipes accounting for hidden, inaccessible recipes
    - Added a conversion to clean up issue from the last couple patches related to Blossom Trees
Version: 1.0.7
    - Fixed crash introduced in 1.0.6 due to missing step-up conversion
Version: 1.0.6
    - Gave all the final categories an Icon in their list entry.
    - Added a Weaponry Category, with a couple entries
    - Fixed typos
    - Added a Liquid Seed category, in Tiberium Growth
    - New Tiberium Ore icon (and all icons for all recipes which included the old Tiberium Ore icon)
    - Tiberium Power Plant now emits smoke while producing power and has a more fitting sound
    - Blossom Tree now blocks things from being built on it, except for our specific structures that go on nodes.
    - Tiberium is now significantly better at killing trees
    - Lowered selection priority of Tiberium Blossom Trees, so you can now mine things from underneath them
    - Updated outdated setting decriptions
    - Removed deprecated items, so they stop showing up as options for filters
    - Updated Liquid Tiberium Bomb to use the new atomic bomb explosion animation
    - Levels of Liquid Tiberium in Tiberium Power Plants now match the level of the connected pipes
    - Fixed scripts not recognizing some structures when converting from Beta version of mod to main version of mod
    - Fixed off-by-1 error where Growth Accelerators had the bonus from an extra level of speed research
    - Fixed conversion crash when converting from very old saves
    - Fixed unpowered SRF Emitters blocking Tiberium growth
    - Fixed passengers in MARVs multiplying the amount of ore harvested
    - Fixed pipette tool not working on Growth Accelerators
    - Fixed Blossom Trees being added when no Tiberium node exists
    - Fixed miners not accounting for newly grown Tiberium Ore in their circuit network signal
Version: 1.0.5
    - Added warning to not run the main Tiberium mod and the beta Tiberium mod at the same time
    - Lowered selection priority of SRF walls, so you can now mine things from underneath SRF walls
    - Tiberium Science now makes labs illuminate with bright green light when the DiscoScience mod is active
    - Tiberium Only map gen preset now generated earlier during startup so that other mods will be more likely to correctly apply their changes to it
    - Fixed mining drills placed before Tiberium mod was present not activating when Tiberium ore grows underneath them
    - Fixed growth interval not being updated when you /tibRebuildLists
    - Fixed crash from attempting to damage invalid entity
    - Fixed our recipe detection to match the automatic correction applied by base Factorio when amount_max is less thant amount_min
    - Fixed crash from destroying multiple connected SRF Hubs on the same tick
Version: 1.0.4
    - Added in-game wiki to explain the basics of the mod
    - Removed Prospector conflict, since they updated their mod to be compatible with Tiberium (thanks Mylon!)
Version: 1.0.3
    - Slightly improved Tiberium Spike icon
    - Fixed crash from entities dying after being registered by other mods
    - Fixed crash from invalid mining drills in global list when upgrading to 1.0.2
    - Improved centrifuge recipes when Clown's Science is active
Version: 1.0.2
    - Fixed crash when player died from tiberium damage
    - Fixed crash from module limitations with certain mod combinations
    - Fixed crash when SRF hubs died (and a bunch of effects missing due to us previously not using on_entity_destroyed correctly)
    - Fixed Tiberium Ore Centrifuging sometimes having no outputs with certain mod combinations
Version: 1.0.1
    - Fixed items not being granted from the Tiberium Advanced Start setting due to the new 1.0.0 cutscene
    - Fixed crash that occurred when changing mods or mod versions associated with a save file
    - Fixed crashes from mod incompatibilities with "Tiberium Only" map generation preset
Version: 1.0.0
    - Fixes tickets 0054 and 0055
    - Fixed TCN, Node Harvester, and Spike not producing pollution
    - More consistency with surfaces
    - Fixed ticket 0057 and 0058
    - Fixed crash due to changed textures from base game 18.36 update
    - Fixed Tiberium Ore not having an emissions multiplier
    - Fixed an on cofig thing so you should be able to switch from main branch to the beta without issue in an ongoing save.
    - Earendel's Jetpack Character is not damaged when flying over tiberium.
    - Fixed the Tib only start breaking fuge recipes
    - Fixed tib in trash slots not damaging.
    - Remove mined-out nodes from node list, when they are mined out.
    - Fixed Transport Drones ruining Fuge Recipes
    - Fixed Centrifuge animation. Pip covers don't overlap the top anymore.
    - Low power SRF fix, they'll now disappear if you don't have enough power, not just if you have none.
    - Fixed Centrifuge pollution scaling
    - K2 and AAI crash fixed
    - Fixed Bob's Assembling machines not being able to do the TibBasicScience category.
    - 0073 Tiberium products in your trash now damage you without having scaling on
    - Growth Accelerator research now actually scales speed by 25% (missed this in beta 1.7)
    - Fixed some recipes not having the same sorting order as their results
    - Fixed startup warning with incorrect icon_mipmaps
    - Fixed Tiberium Field Suit having less defense than Power Armor Mk2
    - Fixed Biter Damage setting not having a description
    - Fixed SE crash
    - Fixed how recipes scaled with Tiberium Recipe Value setting
    - Updated minimum base game version to 18.27
    - Added descriptions for remaining entities
    - Updated Growth Accelerator UI to show credits being consumed
    - Growth Accelerator now has an working animation
    - Added flying text to show Growth Credits contributing to Tiberium growth
    - Tiberium growth now resumes when Spikes are removed
    - Added a Third output fluidbox for some mod compatibility.
    - Put an incompatibility between Beta and the Main Mod.
    - Split the Tiberium Equipment and other ore removal into separate settings.
    - Retired growth-credit setting, since we have the tech now.
    - Updated internal setting names to avoid name collisions with other mods
    - Growth credit recipe internal names standardized
    - Migration added for growth credit name changes
    - Updated centrifuge recipes added extensive debug logging
    - Centrifuge recipes now properly account for items trees, fish, and boilers instead of them being hardcoded.
    - "Fixed" overly aggressive free item discovery to not mark science packs as free (even though they actually are)
    - Tier 1 and Tier 2 definitions updated to be more consistent with what you would expect
    - Better logging with debug setting
    - Reduced automatic centrifuge recipe scaling and rebalanced tier output amounts
    - Tib only is now a map preset, instead of a setting.
    - Better support for surfaces with Tiberium Growth
    - Tweaks to Growth Acceleration Research
    - More ore for Tib Only Start
    - Fixed the changelog to show up in-game
    - Script replacement for Blossom trees, so they don't show if they shouldn't.
    - Reordered recipes in our tab
    - New sludge to landfill recipe
    - New slurry to sludge recipe
    - Tiberium Military 3 now requires Power Armour 2 tech.
    - Tiberium nuclear fuel now takes 160 liquid Tiberium from 40
    - Reordered intermediates and buildings to match vanilla
    - Tweaks to recipe times: Empty fuel cell 20->5, Tiberium fuel cell 20->10, Refurbish fuel cell 20->30
    - Added UI element for Growth Accelerator speed researc, so it now looks like the tech does something
    - Removing unused code
    - Allowing prod modules on various recipes
    - Added recipe descriptions
    - Added recipe names for Tiberium Data recipes
    - Removing Unused Brick and Wall files and strings
    - Made Tiberium Only starting techs less painful
    - MARV significantly thicker
    - Added fallback for when other mods regenerate resources
    - Growth Accelerator now centered, has a better placement sprite, and has a better tooltip
    - Refining recipes reduced from 2.5s to 2s
    - Significantly reduced crafting times for Tiberium Data (from 30s/20s to 4s) and Tiberium Science (from 20s to 10s)
    - Recipes for Tiberium Data now require 5 times more Tiberium
    - Thermal testing recipes now require coal
    - We now have a Tib only preset.
    - Automated recipe breakdown method, for compatibility with basically every mod that adds new science packs or resources.
    - Add centrifuge recipe compatibility with all transmutation mods
    - Tib Power Armour
    - Growth Accelerator Crafting Speed tech
    - Setting to have damage from tiberium in inventory scale with the number. Default off, since it's already pretty heavy.
    - Nodes are now a blossom tree, instead of the oil patch.
    - Added MARV
    - Improved icons for various techs and items
    - Tiberium Power Armor renamed to Tiberium Field Suit and new icon
    - Fancy new Power Plant. New one is 5x5, old on is no longer buildable, but remains in code so as to not break old saves.
Version: 0.1.12
    - Prevent ore on top of nodes.
    - Missed renaming node harvester in localisation.
    - Settings reworded.
    - Remove decoratives overlapping with nodes.
    - Fixes ticket 0035: guardrails on settings to reduce crashes
    - Fixes ticket 0036: added setting to prevent biters from dying to Tiberium
    - Additional entity types are exempt from growth damage (so you can power your miners and transport molten Tiberium from your spikes)
    - Fixed "quartz-ore" crash for Bob's-NoAngel's
    - Fixes biters attacking invincible Tiberium nodes
    - Added tooltips for spiked Tiberium nodes
    - Fixes script_raised_revive crash reported by cvl
    - Continuing refactor of recipe_autogeneration (removed another 60 lines of redundancy)
    - Also support for changing terrain under Tiberium as it grows, but currently leaving it disabled for performance reasons.
    - Added Concrete and Refined Concrete Recipes unlocked at Tiberium Processing.
    - Splitting Techs, Simplifying Recipes, Earlier Fuge
    - Major changes to Tiberium Centrifuge recipes to allow earlier Tiberium Separation and Tiberium Processing.
    - Tiberium Separation no longer requires Green Science.
    - Tiberium Processing no longer requires Blue Science.
    - Minor technology cost adjustments to Molten Tiberium Processing, Liquid Tiberium Power, TCN, Nuclear Testing, EM Testing.
    - Moved Tiberium Farming from Growth Acceleration to TCN, made Growth Accleration significantly cheaper and no longer require Purple Science or Nuclear Testing.
    - Recipe changes for Tiberium Spike, TCN Node, Tiberium Magazine, Tiberium Armor, Tiberium Nuclear Fuel, Tiberium Fuel Cells, Ion Core, Ion Beam Projector, and Tiberium Seed.
    - Tweaked Angels Centrifuging Recipes.
    - Split SRF+Node Harvester, Tiberium Armor+Tiberium Magazine, Ion Core+Ion Turret+Tiberium Core Missile, and Tiberium Seed+Tiberium Bomb to be 4 separate techs instead of squished in with unrelated techs.
    - Changed the Growth Accelerator to be a furnace, so it flashes the No Fuel if it has no growth credits.
    - Minimum damage of 0 means that players can disable Tiberium damage
Version: 0.1.11
    - Fixes tickets 0028, 0031, and 0032: Multiplayer games no longer crash when someone who joined the server before you disconnects
    - Fixed Molten Tiberium crafting time being quadrupled
    - Players no longer take proximity-based Tiberium damage while inside of vehicles
Version: 0.1.10
    - Fixes ticket 0001: Using Angels mods with no Bob's mods now has recipe support
    - Fixes ticket 0029: Angels chem plants can now produce Tiberium Science
    - Fixes recipe typo from previous commit
    - Fixed Tiberium Power Plant for use with Angel's Petrochem.
    - Fixed bots placing the wrong Growth Accelerator.
    - Fixed bots not converting the Node for Tib Spikes.
    - Improved tooltips so they don't show funky stuff that has no bearing on how it would actually be made.
    - Added main_products so the Direct Sludge Waste setting can be used.
    - Added edge case support so choosing certain Tiberium Values won't crash your game.
    - Fixes ticket-0009: Tiberium growth now scales up regardless of which direction you go from the origin.
    - Fixes ticket-0009: Tiberium growth now scales with the Tiberium Growth setting.
    - Fixes ticket-0010: Tiberium no longer destroys/passes through cliffs.
    - Fixes ticket-0013: Tiberium nodes now have a minimum distance between them when spawn by Liquid Tiberium Seed rockets.
    - Fixes ticket-0014: Tiberium no longer naturally exceeds the maximum Max Tiberium Per Tile setting.
    - Fully commented out 'setMainResult'
    - Fixed autogeneration math stuff, so Tiberium Value isn't backwards.
    - Fixed a debug thing.
    - Fixed autogeneration setting usage.
    - Fixed the Tiberium Value setting. Tiberium Value now only affects Refining recipes and growth credit recipes.
    - Fixed the usage of the wrong setting for autogeneration.
    - Fixed growth not scaling to the North and West.
    - Changes to the recipe autogeneration to fix several bugs.
    - Fixed growth accelerator description being different for the item and entity.
    - Fixed the Direct Uranium recipe for Angel's only.
    - Correctly set the minimum values for settings, so that weird things don't happen.
    - Appropriately locked the No Mine and Place Mine debug message behind the debug setting.
    - Fixed the RecipeMult being allowed to be way too low.
    - Refactored recipe_autogeneration to reduce repitition
    - Some formatting cleanup. (Not that this affects the end users most of the time, but appreciated nonetheless.)
    - Working on Automation! In the mod, not in-game.
    - Removed some extra math for the Direct Oil recipe.
    - Tech costs rebalanced.
    - Tiberium Science Pack no longer "replaces" Automation and Logistics. Any technology that uses vanilla packs uses all the ones below too.
    - Standardized Refining Times.
    - Reduced range of node damage from 10% more than growth radius to 60% of growth radius.
    - Added an exponent to the node damage formula, so each added node is less effective than the previous.
    - Uranium Growth Credits are now scaled to the direct recipe.
    - Moved sludge to brick to earlier.
    - Moved Liquid Tib Bomb to later.
    - Reverted the removal of Oil specific mult for the direct recipe.
    - Added chemical science pack prereq to Advanced Tiberium Processing.
    - Fixed Centrifuge recipes not being better than the direct recipes. Ish. They're not actually better, in a way?
    - Made Growth credits more energy intensive to make. Non-energy ones take 66% more, and the Energy one is now based on 3x the value of the non-energy ones.
    - Increased the time requirements of the direct recipes to 2.5x.
    - Reduced how much tib Farming gives you, and reduced data output.
    - Doubled time of farming.
    - Reduced the relative time required to make Liquid Tiberium.
    - Increased time requirements for refining.
    - Reduced efficiency of Direct Recipes.
    - Prevented Tiberium nodes from spawning in the starting area
    - Juggled recipe order in my tab some more.
    - Added minimum version requirement for the Library.
    - Infinite techs now use all science packs.
    - Expanded support for Tiberium Growth so it scales growth credit and farming recipes.
    - Removed the patch notes file, so you don't have to download 5kb of useless text.
    - Reintroduced setting to give direct recipes sludge waste.
    - Added Stone Growth Credit icon.
    - Tiberium Ore now destroys other resources when it spreads instead of just growing over them.
    - Added Infinite researches so you don't have to dismantle all Tiberium Data Production.
    - Added to description of SRF hub with power upkeep requirements.
    - Fixed another literally unplayable typo.
    - Fixed literally unplayable typos.
Version: 0.1.9
    - Fixed a missing 'end'.
    - Fixed tiberium fuel stuff.
    - Fixed SRF hubs not being properly tracked.
    - Fixed recipe autogeneration for bob's alone.
    - Fixed inventory products not damaging the player.
    - Fixed a missing parenthesis, because they don't like me.
    - Upped Tiberium Fuel value.
    - Added SRF hub updating to the rebuild command.
    - Added a fuel value and pollution multiplier to tiberium. You can burn it, and destroy the entire planet by doing so.