by Braxbro

A purely data-stage implementation of dangOreous-esque gameplay that supports map preview and (most) mods.

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YOre trapped in an endless sea of Ore. Dig out space fOre the growth of yOre factOrey from the masOrechistic randomness of the Noise or Scrambled presets, or the Orederly Pie and Spiral presets. Will you cave in to the pressure of yOre SOreroundings or will your factOrey carve out a sprawling expanse and conquer the WOreld?

Much like dangOreous by Mylon, in ClaustOrephobic, ore covers the entire world with the exception of a small starting area. You can't build anything on it other than miners and pumpjacks, at least until you mine out the ore.

Unlike its predecessor, ClaustOrephobic is entirely baked into the data stage of the game and uses Factorio's built-in ore generation and placement restriction features. It also automatically parses the ore generation of other mods' ores (when those mods use core/lualib/resource-autoplace.lua to generate their ore generation expressions) in an attempt to better approximate the normal resource distribution.

This means:
- Map preview properly displays the ore generation for a given map. (It even automatically adjusts when you tinker with settings!)
- World generation performance should be notably improved due to the total lack of Lua scripts running during gameplay.
- It is impossible to lose resources by placing things on the ore; the game simply won't let you, as though you were placing an assembler on another assembler.

ClaustOrephobic also supports custom placement restrictions! Instead of a limited Easy Mode, you can allow any non-drill entities you choose to be placed on ores while custom difficulty settings are enabled; these settings are recommended for tuning the experience to suit the presently running mods and the user's tastes.

Supported Presets

ClaustOrephobic supports 4 presets currently: scrambled, noise, pie, and spiral.
- Scrambled ores are randomized tile-by-tile, making sorting out the mess of ores for processing into a challenge in and of itself. With mods like Pyanodon's, which add many ores that require mining fluids, this can easily clog your drills; with such mods, the Scrambled preset should be avoided. Unless you're a masochist or have a filtered drill mod. I guess.
- Noise ores are generated using Factorio's own internal noise system, creating splotches and rings of ores. There's no guarantee your starting area will have all the needed starting resources exposed to it with this preset; using custom difficulty to allow you to move the ore to your base automatically via belts (or at least allow you to place chests on the ore...) is recommended.
- Pie ores are generated in a giant pie chart according to the ore's adjusted base density, which aims to approximate usual resource coverage. This is by far the easiest and most consistent preset, as sorting resources can be avoided and a full complement of starting resources around the starting area is guaranteed.
- Spiral ores are pie ores... except the pie chart rotates as you go farther from the world's center. Spiral ores have similar benefits to pie ores, but expansion may prove a bit more tedious due to the rotation. Still one of the easier and more consistent presets.

I am open to additional preset ideas on the discussion page or github.

Mod suggestions

Like its predecessor, some extra mods might ease your ClaustOrephobic experience:

  • Pollution is the Solution can help manage biter threat.
  • Piety provides a stone sink. Offer enough landfill through a roboport network and you may be rewarded handsomely... with more ore to mine.
  • Peppermint Mining can help make clearing space easier in the late game.
  • Drills of Drills can help make early mining less tedious by adding drills that you need to move less often.

All of the above mods are optional, of course, and the mod is perfectly playable by itself. Factorissimo may ward away ClaustOrephobia; you may wish to avoid it if you are looking for a challenge.

This mod should support most content mods out of the box. Mods that tamper with resource generation are untested and likely incompatible with ClaustOrephobic.

Space Exploration

This mod is preemptively marked as incompatible with Space Exploration, as I have yet to figure out how to make the altered ore generation Nauvis-exclusive and properly restrict the resource pool appropriately. Please do not harass Earendel for mod support with this mod. I will not be making an effort to add Space Exploration compatibility until the mod is out of its experimental state; if you wish for ClaustOrephobic to support Space Exploration, you are free to make a pull request on github adding it.


I can be found in the following Discord servers:
- Mylon's discord
- Earendel's discord
- Pyanodon's Mods discord
- The Seablock discord
- The r/factorio discord

If you join any of those servers, you may DM me at Braxbro#5536. Please do not bother any of the staff of the above servers with issues with my mods. I, and only I, maintain my mods at the moment. Others will not be able to help you.

I also occasionally check the mod's discussion page or github.


I don't currently take donations, and possibly never will, for the work I do as a mod developer. If you want to thank me with your money, please donate it to charity instead; if you wish to donate particularly to charities I'd be interested in, or are truly hellbent on giving me money, feel free to DM me on Discord as explained above.