UMR: Ultimate Modular Reactor Fixed

Bootleg of PreLeyZero's UMR. Now with a new Complete overhaul of fluids, balanced fuels, recipes, sounds, and ups efficiency. Can make energy, heat and operation of exotic furnance, assembling machine, oil refinery chemical plant and lab, all with 8 module slots and 64x faster than vanilla! Three balanced operation modes: 38.24GW, 383.84GW and 3.839TW for giga bases. more to come!

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Fluids Manufacturing Power
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1.1.2 (a day ago)
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Bootleg of PreLeyZero's UMR.

Reactor Modules building order:

Interface -> Amplifier -> Core -> Output/machines -> Converters


Have three balanced operation modes: 38.24GW, 383.84GW and 3.839TW for giga bases. Note that it will need to consume the same respective specified amount of fuel.

Amplifier and output:

Will need 900°C steam from Turbines ++ Fixed heat exchangers.

Energy and Heat converter:

Each energy converter produce 17.1GW. Heat converter have 5x more combined efficiency over direct energy converter. This is meant for ups balancing, still only worth in the first mode, second and third are better with just direct energy, scalling only need more amplifiers, outputs and converters.

UMR exotic furnace, assembling machine, oil refinery, chemical plant and lab:

Are the strongest among most popular mods with 8 modules and 64x faster than vanilla, however will only work with inputs directly from UMR.

Mod recommendation:

Miniloader and Ultimate Belts both will tank throughput of all UMR machines, miniloader have the ups problem stuff, sadly new loaders aint 1x1. Still old rigs like my i5 11400f will hold about 1 million vanilla spm 60 ups with those logistic mods.
Better Fluid Throughput will work wonderly well with UMR even at compression 10 for refinery and chemical plant. Although will make UMR machines consume a bit more energy (less than 2x) nothing critical, still working in a fix for this.

Next updates:

Balancing with mods, UMR exotic mining drill and UMR artillery like weapon turrets!. I need a animated spritesheet for a proper 10000c 5x5 heat pipe, and 9x9 electric like turrets. Contact me and get your name in this mod too!

contact discord: emerson5442