RP Warfare

Adds 11 unique turrets, 3 unique vehicles, some personal weapons, and an optional smelting system. With custom art featuring high-quality renders & animations. Most of the content is aimed towards early & mid game and is balanced around vanilla enemies. There are no "turret level 2's." Each is bespoke with different designs and tradeoffs. Compatible with Space Exploration & Krastorio

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Kill Biters in new and exciting ways using Factorio's four energy systems: burner, electric, steam, and heat. Burner weapons do the most damage but also consume the most resources. Electric weapons are convenient and ecologically friendly. Steam weapons focus on the cycle of rebirth - like how water turns to steam and back to water. They are complicated to use but do good damage for the amount of resources spent. Heat weapons are simple and brutal. They use a good deal of basic resources. Each faction will eventually have an early game turret that represents a basic understanding of the energy type, a mid game turret that uses it more effectively, and a late game artillery that demonstrates mastery.

This mod was inspired by Barron Factions, which lets you build factories based on the four energy systems. However it has not been tested for compatibility (yet) and is still missing several turrets before they should be used together.


The Burner faction is the closest to vanilla. The other factions are balanced around the vanilla's gun turret.

Gun Turret

Unchanged from vanilla

Flamethrower Turret

The flamethrower has always felt overpowered to me. It uses very little fuel and yet it can single-handedly defend chokepoints from hoards of biters.

  • Reduced damage by 40%
  • Greatly increased fuel usage from 3 per second to 50 per second, or 1 barrel per second

Cannon Turret

An automated tank turret. There is a mod option for disabling friendly fire. Friendly fire is enabled by default for greater mod compatibility.

Rocket Turret

Fires long range rockets. This also has a mod option to disable friendly fire.

Artillery Turret

How can you improve on perfection?

Unchanged from vanilla.

Rocket Buggy

Fast moving car with a high speed rocket launcher on top. It's perfect for hit and run tactics against biter bases.

Mastodon Tank

Powerful end-game tank that can crush large biter bases.

Electric turrets trade off damage and efficiency for convenience. You will need large fields of solar panels to power these defenses.


A personal weapon that stuns biters, base worms, and spawners.

Tesla Turret

Early-game electric turret that shoots lightning at enemies. Has short range but relatively high DPS. Consumes a great deal of power.

Use the newly added Capacitor Bank to keep the lights from flickering when the Tesla Turret shoots.

Thor Turret

Late-game Tesla Turret that does AOE and slows enemies. Does more damage than Tesla Turrets, has longer range, and uses even more power. You'll need nuclear power for these monsters.

Laser Turret

I felt like the Tesla Turret and vanilla Laser Turret had too much overlap. I decided to make the Laser Turret focus more on long-range damage. I did the math and increasing the range mostly makes up for lower DPS by allowing more turrets to engage the target.

  • Increased Range from 21 to 30
  • Reduced Damage from 20 to 12

Storm Artillery

Creates lightning storms over biter nests using high power microwaves. It only needs electricity to fire so it is logistically easier to use than traditional artillery, however, it has lower range and DPS. Storm ammo is built in "Storm Chargers."

Steampunk weapons are elaborate and partially reusable. They have comparable DPS to Burner tech with lower material costs.

Pneumatic Rifle Turret

Skewers biters with iron sticks that can penetrate multiple enemies per shot. The gun discharges an empty steel barrel with every shot.

Upgrades with physical projectile technologies

Clockwork Garrison

Dispatches Clockwork Defenders. Spent defenders can be refurbished and sent back to the front.

Functionally complete, still working on art

Pneumatic Cannon

Mid-game artillery that shoots shrapnel bombs and clockwork drones.

Blender Turret

Slices nearby biters to pieces using a steam-powered spinning blade. It is about as sturdy as a stone wall, which is good, because it has melee range.


A very study tank armed with a blender and pneumatic rifle. This thing can take a beating while mowing down biters.

Heat weapons are very easy to set up, have higher DPS than electric, however use a great deal of basic resources. They taint the land with a layer of metal that can be harvested as raw ore. All weapons use a new molten metal crafting process.

Molten Metal Crafting

Iron, copper, and steel can be turned into an intermediate liquid form. This allows furnaces to run slightly faster by specializing on certain steps of the process, however, it does not increase the overall yield of the recipe.

You now need to manually set furnace recipes

Superheated Slag Slinger

Drenches nearby enemies in molten metal. A very powerful early-game defense.

There are several copies of this turret, one for each molten metal. This is to work around limitations of the modding API.

Each shot has a low percent chance of spawning raw ore. Don't expect it to change immediately.

Molten Metal Mortar

Launches molten metal on enemies, leaving a puddle that damages and slows over time.

There are several copies of this turret, one for each molten metal. This is to work around limitations of the modding API.

Each shot has a low percent chance of spawning raw ore. Don't expect it to change immediately.

Misc Vanilla Changes

  • Biters & Spitters - Movement speed now affected by tiles
  • Biter base defense worms (Optional, disabled by default)
    • Increased range by ^1.15: small 25β†’41, medium 30β†’50, big 38β†’66, behemoth 48β†’86
    • Increased projectile velocity proportionally to range: small 0.3375β†’0.5535, behemoth 0.3375β†’0.6047
  • All furnaces converted to assembly machines and given pipe connections
  • Fluid Handling Technology
    • Moved 'Pump' recipe from 'Fluid Handling' to 'Engine'
    • Removed 'Engine' technology prerequisite from 'Fluid Handling',
    • Replaced 'Fluid Handling' technology prerequisite with 'Engine' in 'Flamethrower' technology
  • Weapons tab is organized by ammo type (Optional, but basically required)