Baron Factions

by wasmoo

Multiplayer mod that creates teams that dedicated to each kind of power source in Factorio.

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1
1 year, 21 days ago
Latest Version:
1.1.33 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.1
934 times

Baron Factions is intended to be played by multiple players cooperatively. When a player joins, they must choose which faction they will join. Each faction has specialized buildings that produce and consume only one kind of energy: Electric, Steam, Burner, or Heat.

Each faction is given its own starting area so that they may build independently from other factions. The following unique technologies are available, per faction:


  • Electric plate - short-ranged electric pole
  • Micro generator - inexpensive, inefficient electric generator
  • Electric generator - creates electricity without water


  • Clean fuels - all "generators" can produce fuel that is cleaner and more efficient than their typical counter-parts
  • Roller belt recipes - allows certain belts to be made cheaply
  • Longer inserters - VLH and ELH inserters for more flexibility
  • Fuel leaching - inserters can refuel from any burner building pickup


  • Stone well - cheap source of water
  • Micro boiler - cheap converter from water to steam
  • Thin pipe - low-capacity pipes that can be stepped over
  • Steel, stone, and plastic pipes - more pipe varieties for various applications


  • Fire pit - cheap source of heat
  • Heat burner reactor - generates heat from fuel
  • Heat wire - inexpensive heat transmitter
  • Steel heat wire - effective heat transmitter
  • Heat tower - transmits heat over distances

Known issues

  • Some buildings do not display power levels: electric-turret (burner and heat only), roboport, and beacon
  • fast-transfer (ctrl-click, shift-click) of burner fuel into the above types does not work as expected
  • Some heat faction's logistics controllers do not require power: lamp, decider-combinator, arithmetic-combinator, and programmable-speaker
  • Thin pipe is not upgradable because of the different collision mask
  • Changing factions while crafting causes the crafting to be restarted


This mod works reasonably well with other mods. By default, all prototypes added by mods in the data and data-updates cycle will automatically be processed by each faction. Recipes, items, and entities for all energy-consuming or energy-producing buildings will be duplicated, altered, and marked for each faction.

Making Faction-unique recipes

To specify a recipe, item, and/or entity for specific factions, add to the prototype the key "factions" with a table of one or more of burner, electric, heat, steam.

For example:

    type = "recipe",
    name = "power-plate",
    factions = {"electric"},

Each recipe marked will be exclusively available to those factions. Each prototype marked with the "factions" specification will be marked with the corresponding faction icon. Generally it is enough to mark the recipe.

Advanced modding options

Prototypes may additionally be marked with a special "baron-flags" table to further adjust behavior. See baron-library for more details.


heat icon png 2
Electric-generator from bobpower.