Recipe Tweaker

Make changes to any number of recipes, export/copy the exchange string, and paste it into the startup setting to see them take effect. (Ctrl + \)

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Latest Version:
0.0.5 (10 days ago)
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To open Recipe Tweaker, use the keybind (Ctrl + \) or shortcut.
To make a new tweak, you can select a recipe using the blank button, or if you have existing changes, you can click on an existing one to edit it.
Tweaks can be removed by right clicking on the icon button.

Properties can be added or removed by right clicking the entry to bring up a context menu.

Recipe properties can be edited by clicking on the number labels.

When you're done, you can cancel the edit with the red X, or confirm the edit with the green check mark.

After you've finished changing all of the recipes you wanted to, you can click the export string button in the main window.
This will generate an exchange string that you have to copy manually, since the modding API unfortunately doesn't support copying to your clipboard.

Now that you have the exchange string on your clipboard, save your game if you need to and exit to the main menu.
From there, go to your mod settings and paste the string into the exchange string setting of Recipe Tweaker.

All you have to do is confirm the setting and the tweaks should be applied to the recipes!