Adds compressed items, buildings and recipes that uses compressed items.

24 days ago
0.15 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
4.1.21 (24 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
36767 times

Constructed megabases where UPS starts suffering from the immense entity count? Too much of everything constantly trying to craft? The belts unable to keep up? What about thousands of thousands of robots trying to transport everything?

Well no more! This mod is based on Nexelas Compression mod, which had the unfortunate hassle of having to compress and decompress items between each and every craft. But not this mod!
Here all recipes in the game (excluding fluid-based recipes) have compressed options too! Each compressed item is 1 full stack, and each compressed recipe uses compressed items and has the same ratio between output and input (relative to the amount not individual stacks). As such you only need to compress the initial resources and then put it into the chain and decompress at the very end. Since recipe times are much longer, modules and beacons will work wonders!

Compression and decompression can only be done in the autocompressor, there is however a hotkey to decompress a compressed item in your hand so you can carry around more.

This mod is standalone, requiring no other omni mod.

Commands for modders:
omni.compression.exclude(recipe): Exclude specific recipes from compression, if necessary.

-Compressed items
-Recipes that uses compresed items and results in compressed items. Everything stays proportional, including time.
-Hotkey to decompress items in hand.
-Works retroactively on any existing save.
-Can mine compressed ores directly from ore patches with the right tech.
-Compressed buildings that work faster but cost more energy.
-Recipe and building techs are not cluttered nor release everything at once, once the appropiate compression tech is researched the appropiate recipes will be unlocked depending on your currently unlocked technologies.

Future Features: NONE!

For any questions or requests for support, please join our discord.

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Unstable versions can be found on github.

Nexela, for making the initial mod and letting me use it's assets, thank you!