Missile Defense Systems

by kafoaai

Introducing 3 types of missile shooting turrets.

5 months ago
6 months ago
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1.1.3 (5 months ago)
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Missile Defense Systems (rocket turrets)


This mod provides 3 new technologies to unlock 3 new rocket shooting turrets:

  • Basic missile defense system

    A stationary missile launching platform equipped with a basic
    targeting processor. It has a relatively short range but a good bit of fire rate. However it is lacking any kind of safety mechanism. Ordnance will be unloaded onto the closest target irrespective of self sustained damage.

  • Advanced missile defense system

    The netural evolution of missile defense systems. It is equipped with a sophisticated targeting processor, enabling the platform to reach much greater firing range. Its safety features include a minimum targeting range to avoid friendly fire and a slower firing rate. Its missile capacity is also doubled.

  • Ballistic missile defense system

    The final evolution of the missile defense systems. Thanks to its rocket guiding system, it is capable of targeting and brutally eliminating any opposition from extreme range. Thanks to this, it is safe to shoot even the most destructive types of missiles. Its range however comes at the cost of less flexible shooting angle.


The following attributes of the above turrets are configurable:

  • fire pattern: The shape of area where the turret will attack targets. (arc, circle)
  • fire arc degree: The angle of the arc where the turret will attack targets. Only used if 'fire pattern' is 'arc'.
  • minimum range: The minimum range of the turret in tile count.
  • maximum range: The maximum range of the turret in tile count.
  • fire rate: The number of time the turret shoot per second (per 60 frames)

Mod Suggestions


This mod is adding new recipes, items, technologies and entities. It does not change an already existing game objects. It should be compatible with everything. At this moment there are no known incompatibilities.


I always thought factorio was missing out on its turret variance. One of the most natural thing to do is to include turrets that shoot ammo which is already present in the game: Rockets.
I originally not intended to make this mod, because I could find several mods that already added rocket turrets. I really liked Wyrrrd's Rocket Turrets, however I like to play vanilla and just spice it up with individual mods. So I don't use Bob's and thus I only got a single turret out of his mod. I also did not really liked the fact that the variation of the turrets graphics are only color differences.
I searched for other rocket turret mods when I have found hlittlezero's Rocket Turret. This mod really complemented Wyrrrd's since the turret color somewhat similar to his. The model used is distinctive and gives off 'top tier' vibes naturally.
I was still missing a 'middle ground' kind of turret. This where Additional turrets by DarkNova comes to picture. Their mod features multiple kinds of turrets and amongst them some rockets as well. I felt like the MKI rocket turret nicely fills in the niche I was looking for.
With this three mod I was set, but then I was not really satisfied with their stats. I wanted to have something which was really vanilla friendly in terms of technology requirements and recipes. I also wanted to have a sense of cohesion between these two. All of them having the same name did not help with immersion, not to speak about their descriptions. Lastly, Additional turrets comes with quite a few things I didn't necessarily wanted to have in my game.

The decision was made.

I was to combine their great mods, polish them a bit and of course make them more configurable then theirs. Luckily, their respective licenses are quite open which allowed me to create this mod.