miniMAXIme: Character scaler and selector

by Pi-C

The player stands like a giant near the vehicles. Now you can adjust the size of your character -- and you can change your appearance at any time if you've other mods that provide extra characters!

16 days ago
0.16 - 1.1
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
6 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.39 (16 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
21.4K users

What's this mod about?

The player stands like a giant near the vehicles in vanilla Factorio. By default, this mod changes the player's size to 70% for a more realistic experience.. Of course, there's a setting to make the player yet smaller or even bigger -- if you'd really wanted to do that for some reason.

The player's collision box will also be reduced, so you can easily get through obstacles in your path.

A major feature has been added in version 0.0.14: If you have multiple characters in your game (you'll need other mods to add them), this mod will create a GUI that you can use to change your appearance at any time. This is completely safe to use! If one of the new characters should ever disappear from the game, your inventories and settings (inventory and logistic filters) will be kept intact. This does also work in multiplayer!

In version 1.1.0, the character scaler part of the mod has been improved: Values from the attack parameters of personal weapons are scaled as well, so the muzzle flare won't be ridiculously off the gun. The character selector port now comes with a shiny new GUI, and as a special feature, corpses are preserved (for their natural decomposing time or until their inventory is completely empty). So if you've died and later load the game without the mod that provided your last character, your corpse will be replaced and you won't lose your old inventory items for good.

How to scale characters

It seems because you can switch your character on the fly during the game, people expect this mod can also be used to scale the character size on the fly. However, for technical reasons, this isn't true (follow the link at the start of this paragraph for a more detailed explanation). Characters will be scaled during the data stage, and the same scale factor will be applied to all prototypes. You can change the scale factor in the startup settings. This may be inconvenient as it requires a restart of the game, but the game will load much faster and it's not as error prone as adding even more prototypes would be.


This mod should work with all mods that change the player's appearance, such as Gear Girl Character or I, Robot. Check out the dependencies on the download page for a list of the compatible character mods I'm aware of!

Additionally, the following mods are supported:

  • Jetpack: You can now switch your character even when you're flying. I guess this makes miniMAXIme compatible with Space Exploration as well. (Jetpack >=0.3.1 will put a cool rendering of the default character with an active jetpack above the actual character when the player is in flying mode. Changing characters will still work, even when you're flying. Once the jetpack has been turned off, the real character will be displayed again.)

  • Bob's Character classes: Switch your character while retaining the properties of your character class.

  • RPG System: If you level up your character, these changes should be preserved when you change your character with miniMAXIme.

  • First One's Free and InfiniteInventory: miniMAXIme will keep track of changed inventory size.

  • GUI Unifyer: The GUI is integrated into its frame.

  • Brave New World: In this scenario, players use robots right from the start, but are not supposed to have a character. If your game is based on this scenario, you won't be able to use miniMAXIme to switch from editor or god mode to character mode. (There's no point in making the mods incompatible because another scenario could be used although the mod "Brave New World" is active.)

If you want to adjust your robots' size as well, just check out this mod!