Factorio Cross Mod deprecated

Adds cross-support between some other mods. You can use any mix of supported mods. Also includes several old simple mods. Contains russian locale for all supported mods. Customizable behaviour through mod settings.

4 years ago
0.15 - 0.16
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.16
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Factorio Cross Mod

Adds cross-support between some other mods. You can use any mix of supported mods. Also includes several old simple mods. Contains russian locale for all supported mods. Customizable behaviour through mod settings.

  • Name: Factorio Cross Mod (factorio_cross_mod)
  • Category: compilation, mod pack, localization, other
  • MOD Version: 1.2.2
  • Factorio Version: 0.16.X
  • Latest Release: 05 Mar 2018
  • Dependencies: All are optional, full list see below
  • Website: Mod Portal
  • Factorio forums: thread
  • Source code: GitHub
  • Author: nucleargen
  • Contact: by pm on factorio forums, factorio mod portal discussions
  • Tags: cross-support, omnimatter, strange matter, russian, mod-pack, toxic jungle, mountains
  • License: MIT

List of supported mods:

1. Cross-link:

2. RU-locale (including mod names and descriptions):

Corrected (when needed) EN-locale provided for all supported mods.

Other features:

  • Includes reworked Toxic-jungle mod. Enables by runtime setting. Customizable jungle density.
    Contains remote interface: remote.call("fcm_jungle","register_surface",surface_name) and remote.call("fcm_jungle","unregister_surface",surface_name) for controlling jungle generation on modded surfaces. By default, generation allowed only on "nauvis"
  • Includes reworked Mountains mod. Enables by runtime setting. Customizable mountain density and hardness.
    Contains remote interface: remote.call("fcm_mountains","register_surface",surface_name) and remote.call("fcm_mountains","unregister_surface",surface_name) for controlling mountains generation on modded surfaces. By default, generation allowed only on "nauvis"
  • Includes reworked Big Brother Tweaked mod. Enables by startup setting. Available if Big Brother mod active. Changes radius, scan time and power consuption of Big Brother's radars and survelliance cameras.
  • Includes reworked BigBags mod. Rework done for supporting mod settings. Minor techs changes. Stack and magazine factors moved to startup mod settings. Can be enabled via startup mod settings.
  • Adds option for researching science packs itself. Each science pack (excl. science pack 1) must be researched. New techs have low cost and dependencies from pack`s components.

Mod settings:

  • [startup] Debug mode Beware! Enabled debug mode cause huge log-file!
  • [startup] Strange matter to omnite only - when enabled - only omnite can be retrieved from strange matter. Available if both StrangeMatter and Omnimatter mods active
  • [startup] Big brother's radars tweak - activates tweaks for Big brother's radars. Available if Big Brother mod active
  • [startup] BB's radar scan base time - Scanning time on 0 radar effeciency level. Vanilla time is ~33.3s. Available if Big Brother mod active
  • [startup] BB's radar scan time exponent - Determines how fast scan time decreases depending on radar effeciency researches. Value = 0 results in scan time has no change from its basis (always equal base time), value = 0.5 results in very fast descreased time. Available if Big Brother mod active
  • [startup] BigBags: enable Enable big bags features
  • [startup] BigBags: magazine factor Multiplies all ammo magazines capacity by this value
  • [startup] BigBags: stack factor Multiplies all item stacks capacity by this value
  • [startup] Simple Science Enables researching science packs. All science packs, excluding Science pack 1, must be researched in new techs. Techs have low cost and dependencies from science packs components.
  • [runtime-global] Enable toxic jungles - If enabled - generate high-density forests anywhere on registered surfaces
  • [runtime-global] Density of toxic jungles - How dense jungles is
  • [runtime-global] Enable Mountains - If enabled - generate mountains over any solid resource patches on registered surfaces
  • [runtime-global] Maximum stone particles per mountain - Maximum for number of generated stone particles per each generated mountain
  • [runtime-global] Density of mountains on resources patches - Less number - more density


If you found other incompatibilities - tell me, i'll resolve it or add to list

Known issues:

Not full localization of Creative mode and other mods
Missings locale string in mod-setting-description when original mod doesn't have descriptions. Affects any non-supported mod

Future plans:

  • Moar customizable features
  • Maybe cross-integrate/localize other mods (possibly by community request)
  • RSO-like resource generator based on remote interfaces and per-surface settings, including AngelsInfiniteOres-like spawning (also fully customizable)


All changes in graphics, localizations and behaviours i've made firstly for myself, not for others. You can disagree with it, but it is so. I don't like to use mods that adds too much complexity in game, so you can't find bob's and angel's mods integration soon. But maybe later...

Credits and special thanks:

  • Factorio dev-team, for awesome game and modding capabilities
  • orzelek, for RSO-mod
  • EmprerorZelos, for Omnimatter mod
  • Arch666Angel, for Angel's Infinite Ores mod
  • Strontium, for original Toxic jungle mod
  • devilwarriors, for original Mountains mod
  • 5cript, for Strange Matter mod
  • Afforess, for Big Brother mod and StdLib project
  • GotLag, for his mods
  • CobaltSky, for his mods
  • All other modders, who develop mods that i'm localizing


  • 1.2.2 | 05.03.2018 - Big Bags features can now be enabled via startup mod settings
  • 1.2.1 | 07.02.2018 - BigBags mod features: inventory, toolbelt, reach, robot capacity and logisitic slots techs, slightly modified; configurable via startup mod settings (isntead config file) stack and ammo magazine factor. Cross support between Realistic ores and Angels Infinite ores mods: infinite ores (iron, copper and uranium) now have realistic look too. New techs: science pack now must be researched directly in tech tree. Approprite techs have low cost and dependencies from all science packs components. This feature can be enabled in startup mod settings. corrected incompatibility list in info.json for 0.16 changes. FCM now incompatible with BigBags mod
  • 1.2.0 | 22.01.2018 - Factorio v0.16 support. Removed support of Portal Research mod, since it no longer maintained. Began maintaining changelog.txt for display in-game after updates
  • 1.1.2 | 11.07.2017 - Minor issue fix
  • 1.1.1 | 11.07.2017 - Bugfix for Jungle and Mountains generations. Now it's generated slightly after chunk generation (at least after 30 ticks), but provide more correct generation. If Mountains enabled or RSO removing trees - no trees will be spawned on ore patches. Also guarantees that RSO trees removal removes ALL trees. Also, with Omnimatter - Mountains mining result now is omnite.
  • 1.1.0 | 06.07.2017 - Included rewritten radars tweaks from Big Brother Tweaked. Now enables by mod setting with active Big Brother mod. Debug mode setting are now startup.
  • 1.0.3 | 05.07.2017 - Bugfix with offworld factorium ore. Bugfix with jungle generation when mountains enabled too. Added debug mode setting.
  • 1.0.2 | 05.07.2017 - Removed dependency from Noxys Extra Settings Info - code merged and reworked to be more informative and totally localized. Updated localizations of all supported mods and added localization for: Omniwood, Factorissimo2 (minor locale fixes), The Ruins Mod and Robot Battery Research. Localization now includes mod names and descriptions.
  • 1.0.1 | 04.07.2017 - Dependency from Noxys Extra Settings Info - very useful in mod settings. Fixed remote.calls since release 0.15.27
  • 1.0.0 | 03.07.2017 - Merged portal_research_addon and factorio-ru in single mod, added and reworked toxic-jungle and mountains mods, added new graphics for omnitractors