by brevven

Adds titanium ore to the base game. Titanium is mined with lubricant and used in Low Density Structures, Flying Robot Frames and a few other places. Compatible with RSO, Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, Aircraft, and more. A standalone piece of BZ Mods. With graphics by snouz.

3 days ago
0.17 - 1.1


What is the smelting ratio in the vanilla game?

A column of 24 stone furnaces fully smelts 1 yellow belt of titanium ore and yields 1/5 of a yellow belt of titanium plates

Why not rutile, etc?

Basically, I'm trying to match the level of realism to the vanilla factorio level, with maybe a slight nudge towards more realistic.

Can you make Titanium compatible with another mod?

Yes, I'll give it a shot. Post a thread with your request!

A stacked recipe isn't showing up from Deadlock Stacked Recipes.

Use this bridge mod

I wish a recipe was not changed.

There is now a "Bypass recipes" setting. You can decide which recipes you want this (or each) mod to bypass modifications for. It requires a comma-separated list of internal recipe names. Eg.:

transport-belt, underground-belt

You must use the "internal" recipe-name. If you're not sure how to find it, the easiest way is to use debug mode (F5) and mouse over the recipe in your handcrafting window. Find the recipe-name in the debug properties.

Detailed list of changes

(Steel plate changed to Titanium plate unless otherwise noted)

  • Flying Robot Frame
  • Low Density Structure
  • Steam Turbine (Titanium added)
  • Heat Exchanger (Titanium added)

All base-game "equipment" that used steel, any modded equipment that has "equipment" in the recipe name, including:

  • Portable Solar Panels
  • Belt Immunity Equipment
  • Discharge Defense
  • Energy Shield
  • Exoskeleton
  • Night vision
  • Personal Battery
  • Personal Roboport

Space Exploration mod items:

  • Alternate Low Density Structure recipe
  • Space Transport Belt
  • Space Underground Belt
  • Space Splitter
  • Space Pipe
  • Space Rail
  • Space Platform Scaffold (Titanium added)
  • Aeroframe Bulkhead (Titanium added)
  • Lattice-pressure-vessel (Titanium added)
  • (with Deadlock Space Exploration bridge) Space loader, space stacking beltbox

Krastorio 2 mod recipe changes

  • 10x Titanium ore yields average 2.5x titanium plates (16 seconds in stone furnace).
  • 10x Enriched Titanium yields 5x titanium plates. (Requires Enriched Titanium tech)
  • 9x Titanium Ore + 10 HCl + 25 Water yields 6x Enriched Titanium and some dirty water. (Requires Enriched Titanium tech)
  • Advanced Tech Card uses "Flying Robot Frame" instead of "Electrical Engine Unit" to incorporate titanium changes.

Rare metals changed to Titanium Plate for:

  • Electric mining drill mk2
  • Advanced Transport Belt
  • Advanced Loader, if enabled

Steel Plate changed to Titanium Plate for:

  • Quarry Drill
  • Singularity Lab
  • Stack Inserter & Stack Filter Inserter

  • Advanced Steam Turbine (Titanium added)

Aircraft changes

  • All steel used in aircraft changed to titanium.
  • Titanium added to afterburners.

Deep core mining

  • Depleted titanium ore fields leave behind titanium ore patches, deep core ore chunks can produce titanium chunks.

ModMash and FE+

  • Mod's version of Titanium replaced with this mod's Titanium.
  • A few additional minor recipe changes.


  • Adds Titanium dust mashing and smelting.
  • Titanium added to several higher tier recipes.


  • Uses Pyanodons Raw Ores version of Titanium.
  • Makes all applicable updates.
    Note that because LDS and flying robot frames have different recipes in Pymods, this mod's experience is just a minor thematic tweak in this case, and mostly affects equipment, and any other compatible mods such as Aircraft, Jetpack, etc.

Bob's Revamp only

  • Similar to vanilla, but Titanium applied to more recipes. Some recipes are not updated. Suggestions appreciated.


  • Uses whatever Titanium is provided (Bob's or Bob's+Angel's)
  • Makes some applicable updates
  • Tries not to break Bob progression, so in many places, steel is left as steel instead of using Titanium.
  • This ends up as the barest of tweaks, but it won't break.