Schall Autolinked Chest

Experimental feature, based on 1.1.0 hidden "linked-chest" prototype. Adds chests that when built next to each other, they are automatically linked to share the same inventory. Useful for belt balancing and train station wagon balancing. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文)

3 months ago


Example of Belt Balancing

By building a line of autolinked chests, you can easily assign multiple inserters and/or loaders accessing the same inventory. This is particularly useful for belt balancing and train station wagon balancing. Now you can forget about the blueprint book of N-to-N belt balancers!

Note that the game does not allow read contents of autolinked chest (nor vanilla linked chest), at least up to the current version 1.1.6.

If strict output belt balancing is desired, below are the examples as my reply in a thread:

Using read belt contents:

The flow in this figure is from left to right.
In the output belts, the first (left) row is just reading the contents.
They are connected to the constant combinator, which is used to control the on/off of second row. (Note it has negative value, so to sum up with measured values.)
The second (right) row is on/off belt, they are enabled only when the first row is full.
You can see the output belts on the right have more-or-less the same pattern, thus output balanced.

PS1: For four output belts, the combined "density" can never reach 32. So 31 is the max density you can get.
PS2: If may omit the constanat combinator, and just set value of 31 directly to the second row.

Using read chest contents:

It involves additional normal chests for "read chest contents" to work, so there is no need to fine tune the optimal density value of 31 (or whatever).
The value "-200" is arbitrary, just to ensure there are some items within.
The advantage of this setup is no need to fine tune the density value.
The disadvantage is extra loaders/inserters, chests (and thus space) is needed.

Full List of New (or Changed) Items


  • 1 chest:
    • Autolinked chest