Schall Autolinked Chest

Experimental feature, based on 1.1.0 hidden "linked-chest" prototype. Adds chests that when built next to each other, they are automatically linked to share the same inventory. Useful for belt balancing and train station wagon balancing. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文)

3 months ago


Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2020.12.19
    - Introduced autolinked chest.
    - Randomized link ID on built, so saving time in management of link ID checkboxes in vanilla implementation.
    - Disallowed to fast replace with other chests, to prevent lost of items.
    - Disallowed to link multiple non-empty inventories, to prevent lost of items.
    - Autolinked chests can be linked automatically on built, sharing the same inventory.
    - Autolinked chests can be linked manually by hotkey and shortcut, sharing the same inventory.
    - Introduced hotkey (default: Ctrl-O) to link chests.
    - Introduced shortcuts to link chests.
    - Options on autolinked chest storage size.
    - Options on link ID display as flying text on selection.
    - Options on link chests with neighbours on built.  (Default: on.)
    - Options on link chests on hotkey and shortcut enable.  (Default: on.)
    - English is available.
    - Other languages are available in separate mod "Schall Language Pack".
    - Using Bob's Copyright License.  Document included.