Schall Artillery

Adds various artillery shells. Currently includes cluster artillery shell, napalm artillery shell, poison artillery shell, atomic artillery shell. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, 简体中文)
2 months ago


Q: Why is this mod dependent on Schall Tank Platoon mod?
A: This mod uses the new ammo (cluster bomb, napalm bomb) from it, just adpoting them on the artillery shell. Also it is logical to set prerequisite on those relevant tech.

Q: With the new artillery shells, are there any reasons to keep using the rocket versions and rocket artillery?
A: Yes, of course. Vanilla game (up to 0.17.11) does not have any damage upgrades to artillery shells cateogry, and this mod does not alter this. Therefore, artillery shells deal little damage to biters and spitters. (Exception maybe to atomic artillery shell, due to its inherent high damage.) The "original" rockets still get the full damage upgrades from "stronger explosives" tech, so they are still better in the role against biters and spitters. Also, rockets cost a little less than their artillery shells counterparts.

Q: Without the damage upgrades, are these artilley shells worthy to use?
A: Yes, they are still devastating to enemy spawners, despite without damage upgrades. The role in preemptive strike against spawners extra long-range, simply cannot be done by rockets or any other means.

Q: Why have these artillery shells as a seperate mod? Why not just add them in Schall Tank Platoon mod?
A: They pose great threat by having high firepower AND extra long range. Some PvP players may consider them unbalanced (while some may not). Putting these in a separate mod, so players can choose to have them in game or not.

Q: Why posion artillery shells are continuously fired on the same place, wasting all the ammo?
A: Due to the black magic of the automatic artillery fire algorithm (which means it is hard-coded, I can do nothing to customize it), the game considers the poison artillery shells have very low damage (similar to napalm artillery shells) and needing a lot of them to kill a worm and spawner. So be sure to use them on artillery turrets/wagons which are OUTSIDE automatic range. Only use them on manual firing mode.

Technical Details

The new artillery shells have their corresponding rocket type in Schall Tank Platoon mod. If you have already played that mod a lot, reading the following is not necessary.
For new players, these descriptions will give you a good impression on how the new artillery shells work.

Cluster Artillery Shell

  • Artillery shell with cluster warhead.
  • Splits into 7 explosive rockets over the target, thus larger area of effect than the base artillery shell.

Napalm Artillery Shell

  • Artillery shell with napalm warhead.
  • Generates a huge fireball and spreads the combustibles over a large area. The combustibles create long-lasting flame. The area of effect is much larger than base or cluster artillery shells, so fewer is needed to clear the area. It is more expensive though.

Poison Artillery Shell

  • Artillery shell with poison warhead.
  • Releases several poison cloud over a large area. It is equivalent to a cluster of six poison capsules thrown at the same time, or a poison bomb over the target. Beware that the vanilla automatic artillery firing algorithm do not calculate the damage correctly. Also the spawners are immune to poison damage. So be sure to use it on manual firing mode only.

Atomic Artillery Shell

  • Artillery shell with atomic warhead.
  • Atomic detonation over the target, the same as base atomic bomb. It is enough to clear all spawners and worms. It does NOT benefit from any damage upgrades as atomic bomb, so aliens from some advanced mods or shielded tanks can easily withstand such attack.

Full List of New (or Changed) Items


  • 4 artillery shell:
    • Cluster artillery shell
    • Napalm artillery shell
    • Poison artillery shell
    • Atomic artillery shell


  • 2 ammo-related:
    • Artillery shell 1
    • Artillery shell 2