Rail Logistics Dispatcher

by Viidi

Adds a dispatcher (building) to automate railway logistics based on offers and requests. The mod is optimized for multi-delivery deliveries, has an intuitive interface and is published under a free license.

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1 year, 3 months ago
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Rail Logistics Dispatcher factorio mod

Adds dispatcher entity for fully organized rail logistics.

The mod is in testing. No cardinal changes are expected - only improvements and, possibly, new features.

This mod is similar to the famous LTN mod with the following differences:

This mod LTN
A separate entity (dispatcher) that is installed next to the station Special station entity
Fully blueprint and Undo support Connections are lost in some cases
Dispatcher has GUI and can also be configured with a permanent combinator Needs constant combinator for setup
Optimized for multi-cargo deliveries (first motivation to write this mod) Supports multi-cargo delivery, but due to bugs it is impossible to fully use it
MIT license. Modders of all countries unite! (second motivation) Restrictive license

Minor features:

  1. Train becomes free on the way to the depot and can receive a new delivery if there is enough fuel.
  2. Cleaning station is a part of the mod.
  3. Dispatcher is a 1x1 building with two connection points: input and output. Look in Alt mode.
  4. Dispatcher looks like a lamp:
    • No light - can't to find station.
    • Dark green - dispatcher is off.
    • Green - dispatcher in supply/request mode and wait new delivery.
    • Yellow - in supply/request mode - has delivery. In depot mode - refueling.
    • Blue - train at station.
    • White - dispatcher in depot or clean mode.
    • Red - something is wrong.
  5. Play to see more features!


I use IntelliJ IDEA with Luanalysis plugin: https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/IntelliJ-Luanalysis.
Most functions have descriptions of parameters and return values. In addition, there are factorio-api headers.


Please, if you contribute, try to do it beautifully.
Add yourself to the list of contributors if you make pull request.

I reserve the right to reject a pull request.
In this case, you can consider the comments and try again,
or clone the repository and upload as your own mod.

Please keep English localization up to date. Russian I take over.
Other languages, if necessary, please place a separate mod.

Use build/build.js for make mod-zip file and for processing some files (locale/*.cfg).


  1. As long as it's just me


I chose the most free license. But I have a request: do not delete me from the authors. And in the description of your mod, indicate the source.

And when making interesting improvements, send a pull request.