RPG System

This mod adds an RPG system to the game (XP and level-up)
a month ago
0.16 - 0.17


v. 0.17.21: v17 release. Quickbar bonus levels removed
v. 0.16.21: small changes to mod event
v. 0.16.20: changed the reset commands the admin may type in the tag editor:
	{reset-all} If you want to reset everything (all XP and levels)
	{reset-points} reset all habilities to zero, so players can spent all points again
v. 0.16.19: New xp table formula. New button image. Fix a reported crash.
v. 0.16.18: Mining rocks or trees gives XP. Added a setting for XP multiplier. Add events for compatibility with other mods that also alters character status.
v. 0.16.16: Fixed XP bar when max level (100) is reached. XP by Rockets are reduced for multiple rockets sent.
v. 0.16.15: New Gui, cleaner code. Techs will give a bit more XP.
	Changed default XP Table values, each upgrade will always cost 1 point. 
        If you want to reset all spent points, type {resetall} in the tag editor
v. 0.16.12-13: Try to fix the gui error caused by the previous version
v. 0.16.11: Added gui: XP progress bar always visible. Compatibility with creative_mod_fix. 
v. 0.16.10: gui option to use character Reach level to pick up items from the floor. Default is disabled.
v. 0.16.9: crash fix when player spend a point when he is dead
v. 0.16.8: crash fix when player self killed
v. 0.16.7: minimum XP ratio reduced to 5%
v. 0.16.6: fixed xp ratio by player; killing nests now gives doubled XP
v. 0.16.5: 
-added a mod option (per player) to always print XP earned; 
-XP ratio based in time played is shown in the character GUI
v. 0.16.4: 
- Added custom alert sound when a player level up;
-Added a mod option to give a proportional XP based on player game time (so that new players that joined in the middle of the game does not level up too fast);
-Added habilities bonus description tip;
-Added a new hability: quickbar inventory bonus (minimal cost: 2);