Quantum Resource Distribution

by eliont

Special chest can send placed items to ship quantum storage unit and retrieve from it. Also works for player inventory (optional). It's make resource management more like RTS for playing combat-oriented settings/mods. Compatible with multi-surface mods like Space Exploration - item transportation works on surface, but not between them. Should be UPS-friendly because using events to track entities, not find_entities_filtered.

16 days ago
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The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 5 months ago
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2.8.4 (16 days ago)
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Adds a chest that can put resources in the ship's quantum storage or take it out of it by setting a logistics request.
Makes resource management closer to classic RTS like Warcraft 3 or Total Annihillation, for combat oriented scenarios/settings or other similar aspects.

Works not through the vanilla buffer chest, but through a separate, blue one ("Quantum storage access endpoint").
Use similar blue constant combinator to get how many items stored for circuit setups.

Also in the settings there is an option for the quantum storage to process the logistic requests of the character's inventory itself, but it is better to uncheck the "Personal logistics" checkbox in inventory screen.

Using the text fields in the settings, you can disable mod working with individual items, subgroups, or entire groups.

- Can now work with fluids. Fluid Accesspoint entity can take fluids to / from quantum storage.
- Can now work inside Factorissimo (only special forked version factorissimo-2-QRD-2) and share storage with parent surface.

To set fluid accesspoint - connect regular constant combinator to it and set signal-black on it.
Then fluid will be taken from it and put to storage.
To get fluid from storage - set signal with desired fluid and signal-white with needed fluid amount.

- Support for script-raised building events
- Support for big numbers in storage - they will be converted to short notation using "k" and "m" letters
- All items allowed to go to storage by default but you can restrict some groups / subgroups / individual id's

Now if cursor stack is not empty personal logistic processing halted to not replenish player inventory above requested amount.
Also if inventory personal logistic checkbox enabled then QRD processing player inventory stopped.
To let mod process player logistic request you need enabled checkbox in mod settings and disabled in inventory.

I also made two display pages, instead of a floating frame in the old version.
Click on an item to send it from primary to secondary or from secondary to primary.
Left click on the plugin button to open or switch to the primary page.
Right click on the plugin button to open or switch to the secondary page.

Manages overproduction better - if it was filled under the cap, and then the place was freed up, then it will not try to cram everything that has accumulated in the chest at once, but will take what fits.

Added a carousel algorithm to issuing resources to chests - in case of underproduction, one chest built earlier will not take everything, the queue will shift so other chests will get their share too.

Rewritten, optimized, and tweaked with new graphics, thanks to TheLastEagle for ideas, graphics, and testing.
Credits for fluid accesspoint to Minibuffer mod.