Power Armor MK3

Bigger, better power armors; with a bigger grid (14x14)/(20x20) and larger inventory bonus (+50)/(+60), also adds various equipment.
11 days ago
0.14 - 0.16
Owner: jimmy_1283
Source: emperorjimmy/Power-Armor-MK3
Homepage: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic...
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.1.8 (11 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.16
Downloaded: 105188 times

Adds bigger, better power armors; with a bigger grid (14x14)/(20x20) and larger inventory bonus (+50)/(+60), Night vision MK2 with less desaturation affect and greater brightness, Energy shield MK3, a fusion battery, and research to beef up Personal Laser Turrets and Discharge Defense Equipment. I most likely won't be adding tiered power though, the armors are OP enough as is.

I would appreciate any feedback on recipe and research balance, making the mod balanced and not overly OP is something I'll continue to strive for. Please post all suggestions and bug reports at the link below.


0.1.8-Added new images for Power Armor MK3 and MK4 as provided by M0K on the forums.

0.1.7-Added Portable Nuclear Reactor equipment, icons are placeholders for now.

0.1.6-Added Russian locale as provided by IgorLutiy on Github, may be out of date, please report if there are any problems.

0.1.5-Increased cost of Fusion Batteries as suggested by HACB as they were a bit too cheap.

0.1.4-Buffed Night vision MK2.
Changed colour of Power armor MK4s Research image and icon.

0.1.3-Updated to 0.16.x.

0.1.2-Fixed inconsistent research costs for Personal defense damage.

0.1.1-Fixed Power Armor MK3 Player sprite (again).

0.1.0-Added Belt immunity equipment as usable item.

0.0.9-Added Power Armor MK4 by popular request.
Extended personal defense damage upgrades to infinite upgrades.
Changed tech name to allow description to show properly for armor research.

0.0.8-Added research to improve damage of personal laser defense and discharge defense equipment.
Removed extra sprite from equipment folder.

0.0.7-Updated item and research definitions to better fit base game.
Fixed (hopefully) inventory mod(s) incompatibility. Thanks to kikker450 on the forums for the help!

0.0.6- Updated sprites and icons to better fit with vanilla.
Fixed a typo that prevented item descriptions from appearing in-game.
Power armor sprite now appears on character! (Power armor 2 sprite)
Resized Night vision equipment to 2x2 to match vanilla change, also decreases desaturation effect to preserve usefulness.
Reversed order of changelog to keep recent changes up top.

0.0.5- Changed grid size from 20x20 to 14x14 as suggested by WolfmanRawrs, carry slots remain unchanged for now.
Fixed a huge derp, should work fine now. Updated for 0.15x

0.0.4- Added Fusion batteries (Battery MK3), bigger, higher capacity, and higher power throughput.

0.0.3- Added Energy shield MK3, bigger and stronger with higher energy demands; changed some text in locale to keep consistency with base game naming conventions.

0.0.2- Added Nightvision MK2, better night vision without the green tint.

0.0.1- Initial release.