Multiple Unit Train Control

Replaces bidirectional trains with ones twice as powerful, to simulate real locomotives driving backwards.
16 days ago
0.17 - 0.18


Version: 0.2.2
Date: 2020-03-23
    - Added support for Krastorio 2.

Version: 0.2.1
Date: 2020-01-25
    - Revert fuel balancing ping-pong because it breaks "Inactivity" schedule conditions, especially at LTN Depots.

Version: 0.2.0
Date: 2020-01-24
    - Initial support for Factorio 0.18.

Version: 0.1.26
Date: 2020-01-23
    - Fuel balancing now moves odd-numbered items between front and back locomotives, so your last nuclear fuel doesn't get stuck in one spot anymore.
    - If for any reason a locomotive is deleted and its replacement cannot be built, or its grid contents cannot be restored, items will be spilled on the ground instead of lost.
    - Updated for compatibility with Robot256Lib version 0.1.1.
    - MU locomotive items now have the "hidden" flag set so they will not show up as circuit network signals or intermediate products.

Version: 0.1.25
Date: 2019-12-29
    - Added support for X-12 Nuclear Locomotives mod (up and coming).
    - Moved locomotive replacement code to Robot256Lib.

Version: 0.1.24
Date: 2019-12-19
    - Added support for Nuclear Locomotives mod.

Version: 0.1.23
Date: 2019-11-30
    - Added compatibility with Bob's Vehicle Equipment via hidden dependency.

Version: 0.1.22
Date: 2019-10-17
    - Fixed for 0.17.71.  Apparently in the create_entity API they fixed the "orientation=" parameter and broke "direction=" for locomotives.
    - Added compatibility with Bigger Slower Trains via hidden dependency.

Version: 0.1.21
Date: 2019-09-13
    - Hid optional dependencies that only provide standard MU compatibility features.
    - Added support for Industrial Revolution battery-powered locomotive.

Version: 0.1.20
Date: 2019-08-31
    - Removed version dependency on "Electric Train".  Latest versions of both mods play nice together, please update ET to 0.17.28.

Version: 0.1.19
Date: 2019-08-16
    - Changed Electric Trains required version numbers.  Presently MUTC only works with ET 0.17.12 and 0.17.13.
    - Added support for "Yuoki Industries - Railways".
    - Added support for "YIR - Yuoki-Industries-Railroads".
    - Added support for "YIR - Americans".
    - Added support for "YIR - Uranium Power Trains".

Version: 0.1.18
Date: 2019-07-30
    - Fixed crash in 0.17.60 when replacing locomotives since devs fixed the bug that was introduced in 0.17.59.

Version: 0.1.17
Date: 2019-07-28
    - Fixed crash in 0.17.59 when replacing locomotives in trains with empty schedules.
    - Added "snap_to_train_stop=false" flag to reduce movement during replacement.

Version: 0.1.16
Date: 2019-04-21
    - Added setting to adjust console message frequency.
    - Fixed crash when unable to create replacement locomotive.

Version: 0.1.15
Date: 2019-04-17
    - Added support for Fusion Train.
    - Added icon overlay for MU Locomotives so they can be easily distinguished in the signal list.
    - Reworked to use functions from OpteraLib.
    - Changed MU Locomotive item signals to sort directly after their normal counterpart.
    - Fixed some missing dependencies.
    - Fixed compatibility with Automatic Train Fuel Stop.

Version: 0.1.14
Date: 2019-04-14
    - Added support for Realistic Electric Trains (requires version 0.4.2), including Modular Locomotive.
    - Fixed that last_user was not preserved on replacement.

Version: 0.1.13
Date: 2019-04-10
    - Added support for Angel's Industries (Crawler Train).
    - Added support for Armored Train (Wagon Turrets).
    - Changed locomotive replacement to happen only when trains are stopped.
    - Fixed that automatic mode was not preserved on replacement.
    - Fixed that trains were not upgraded after technology research.

Version: 0.1.12
Date: 2019-04-06
    - Added support for Electric Vehicles: Reborn (requires version 0.1.2).
    - Added support for 5dim's mod - Trains.
    - Fixed changelog formatting.

Version: 0.1.11
Date: 2019-04-05
    - Fixed crash on replacement (missed a file that changed in 0.1.9).

Version: 0.1.10
Date: 2019-04-05
    - Fixed typo in dependencies by removing unnecessary dependencies.

Version: 0.1.9
Date: 2019-04-04
    - Added support for Schall's Armoured Train locomotives.
    - Fixed string in French locale (thanks kryshnar!)
    - Fixed that equipment state (energy,shield,burner contents) was lost on replacement.
    - Disabled build smoke effect when replacing locomotives.

Version: 0.1.8
Date: 2019-04-01
    - Added support for Batteries Not Included electric locomotives.
    - Fixed crash when saving an existing blueprint while holding an item.

Version: 0.1.7
Date: 2019-03-31
    - Added support for Fully Automated Rail Layer (requires FARL >= 3.1.3).
    - Overhaul of fuel balancing code to fix lots of potentially wierd behavior, including not starting until you change the Nth Tick setting at least once.
    - Fixed player being kicked from locomotive on replacement.

Version: 0.1.6
Date: 2019-03-30
    - Added support for Bob's Logistics trains.
    - Reworked cloning code for easier mod support.
    - Moved cloning to data-updates for compatibility with Bob's and other mods, so that updated properties are included in the clone correctly.
    - Changed MU Item sort order to work a little better in the signal selection dialog. Still kind of mess with many mods installed.
    - Added MU versions of Electric Train locomotives to the exclude list of the Fuel Train Stop mod.

Version: 0.1.5
Date: 2019-03-30
    - Added support for magu5026's Electric Train mod.
    - Changed default mode setting to "tech-unlock".
    - Added "script_raised_built" and "script_raised_destroy" flags when replacing locomotives, for inter-mod compatibility.
    - Removed nerf to reversing_power_modifier because it only applies to single-directional trains, which can never have MU version in them.
    - Fixed that blueprint item requests were not preserved on replacement (thanks for the tip, DaveMcW!).
    - Fixed that fuel balancing would be disabled after upgrading from an older version of the mod until you change the NthTick setting.
    - Fixed crash when selecting just rolling stock with the copy tool.
    - Fixed concatenation of localised_description that broke in 0.1.4 by explicitly listing which mods have descriptions and which don't.
    - Fixed pipette tool trying to give MU versions.

Version: 0.1.4
Date: 2019-03-27
    - Added support for Angel's Addons - Petrochem Train and Smelting Train. (Smelting Locomotive and Smelting Tender cannot pair with each other.)
    - Fixed that MU versions were created inside blueprints (thanks for the tip, GotLag!).
    - Fixed that deconstruction orders were not preserved on replacement (only works if being deconstructed by the owning force).
    - Fixed that equipment grids were not preserved on replacement (only tested with FARL module).

Version: 0.1.3
Date: 2019-03-25
    - Added French locale courtesy of @kryshnar.
    - Code cleanup.
    - Moved important debug messages to localized strings.
    - Chagned colors in icon for Wireless MU Control to make it more obviously wireless.
    - Fixed some issues relating to multiplayer-safe save/load event handling.
    - Fixed formatting in changelog.txt for automatic parsing.

Version: 0.1.2
Date: 2019-03-24
    - "Basic MU Control" now can pair locomotives which are separated only by other locomotives.
    - Added "Wireless MU Control" mode, which can pair locomotives anywhere in the train.  L-W-W-L works now!
    - Added support for two technology tiers.  Researching tech will not automatically upgrade existing trains because that would potentially destroy moving trains.
    - Added icon graphics for the technology courtesy of Train30.
    - Rewrite of the locomotive pairing algorithms.
    - Moved the mapping of standard and buffed locomotive versions to a dummy technology per Optera's suggestion. Makes adding support for other mods much easier.
    - More work towards compatibility with Realistic Electric Trains.

Version: 0.1.1
Date: 2019-03-20
    - Made normal/MU entity name mapping autogenerated instead of hard-coded.
    - Added proper changelog.
    - Fixed that train schedules were not preserved during replacement of a single MU locomotive to a normal locomotive.
    - Fixed that locomotive health was not preserved on replacement.

Version: 0.1.0
Date: 2019-03-17
    - Initial release. Only supports locomotive pairs placed back-to-back.
    - Supports Vanilla and Train & Fuel Overhaul locomotives.