Kuxynator's Slim-Inserters

<Experimental> A new approach to inserters: they are attached directly to machines, chest and belts: Build more compact! Also Introducing double- and dual -inserters: Use 2 inserters on one tile and fill 2 lanes simultaneously. New: Full configurable with Smart Inserters mod

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Kuxynator's Slim-Inserters


Some things may still change in the near future and some things may become incompatible or disappear.

I activily use this mod in a vanilla+ game and will fix all issues that should occur in the process.

A new approach to inserters: they are attached directly to machines, chest and belts. This allows you to build more compact.

Do you know Dyson Sphere Program (DSP) then they will look familiar to you.

I have wanted this functionality for years, but never had the time to implement it. So Bleb1k did this first with his Arrow Inserter

Because Bleb1k uses an slighly differnt concept how inserters are placed and wich inserters are available, I decided to create my own version with a different approach. If you like his concept of toggling long/stack types in place, then keep playing with Arrow Inserter. I keep contributing to his mod to make it more polished and feature complete.

I start with the slim inserter series like in the vanilla series:
- Basic Slim Inserter (Inserter)
- Long Slim Inserter (Long Handed Inserter)
- Fast Slim Inserter (Fast Inserter)
- Filter Slim Inserter (Filter Inserter)
- Stack Slim Inserter (Stack Inserter)
- Stack Filter Slim Inserter (Stack Filter Inserter)

I will extend this series over time with more inserter types if needed for compatibility.

With support of Bob's Adjustable Inserters] you will get all variants of Long Inserters for any Filter-/Stack Inserters. Expected to be available in version 1.1.8. PR ist pending.

A second series of inserters will give you the ability to use 2 lanes of the belt simultanously: The Double Slim Inserter series

Double Slim Inserter

  • Basic Double Slim Inserter
  • Long Double Slim Inserter
  • Fast Double Slim Inserter
  • Filter Double Slim Inserter
  • Stack Double Slim Inserter
  • Stack Filter Double Slim Inserter

The "Double Inserter" is a new concept from me that allows you to use 2 inserters of the same type on one tile. They will work together to unload/load from/to both sides of a belt at the same time. With the Filter Double Inserter you can place different items on each lane of a belt.

Dual/Multi Inserter

The "Dual/Multi Inserter" is a new concept from me that allows you to place 2 or more Slim Inserter of any type on one tile.

This does not require any new inserter types, but the tile can be occupied by several inserters. These then work together as a group. Drawback: If this feature is enabled, you can not use "fast replace" or "upgrade" because each new inserter is handled as new inserter for this tile. But a solution will be found for that as well.


Without Arrow Inserter this mod would not exitst. So special thanks to Bleb1k

Full configuration GUI for ALL inserters Smart Inserters by Wip-Sama