Smart Inserters

Change pickup/drop position for each inserter, change drop/pickup offet, copy-paste settings, custom inserter lenght and more... Enjoy!

13 days ago
3 months ago
Latest Version:
1.2.9 (13 days ago)
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1.44K users

I'm truly sorry for the problems of today (12-11-23) the copy-past setting configurator is forcefully disabled till I can fully fix it, sorry for all the trouble to everyone... πŸ˜”
The UI is still there but does nothing.
I hope you still believe in the future of this mod.

You can migrate from Bob to this mod even mid-game without problems NOW COMPATIBLE TECHNOLOGIES WILL BE TRANSFERRED TOO!
Check the settings before you start playing to ensure that everything is as you want it!

Renai transportation support is planned for 1.3!

How to use it:

  • Right click select the pickup position
  • Left-click select the drop position
  • Clicking on a drop/pickup button with the opposite will swap them
  • Any click inside the offset buttons will change them
  • Use shortcuts with the cursor over the inserter to execute quick actions
  • Use the in-world pickup/drop shortcut then select the pickup/drop position to change it without opening the GUI


  • In-world sector to update the positions without opening the UI
  • The grid size can be 3x3 (1) and as big as 11x11 (5)
  • Technology to unlock range (ON by default, optional)
  • Technology to unlock diagonals (ON by default, optional)
  • Disable long inserters and use the max grid range over all inserters (off by default, optional)
  • Stop chasing items on belts (for more info:
  • Custom support with slim/arrow inserters, with directional and single-line options
  • Seamless migration from Bob with the technology mover

World placer example:

This feature is experimental, expect bugs, if you find some please report them

Planned features:

  • Hide Long inserters recipes (Just need to decide if it's a good idea or not) βœ… 1.0.1
  • Technology to unluck grid size (maybe) βœ… 1.0.2
  • Change pick offset βœ… 1.0.5
  • Ui changes (remove the separator for pickup/drop offset selector) βœ… 1.0.6
  • Offset technology βœ… 1.0.6
  • Support for 2x2 inserter βœ… 1.0.8
  • Support for renai transportation
  • Support for ghost inserter (in-world selector already works)
  • Support for 3x3 inserter (maybe)
  • Support for oddly shaped inserter (maybe)

Mod spotlight:

Useful stuff:

  • Help me translate the mod in your language over on crowdin

Why don't you use Bob's Adjustable Inserters?

  • Well I'm happy that you asked this, That mod is great! I used it for a looong time, but if one day Bob decided to stop playing Factorio we would lose that mod forever since it's CLOSED source, this mod is OPEN source so if one day I decide to stop updating this mod someone else can continue to update it for the community while bob's work will be lost to history.
  • Also I wanted to fix a bug inside the Inserter config and really wanted to fork that mod... the original author did an incredible job!

This is a fork of "Inserter_Config" to fix a bug and add some (+-QOL) features.