Krastorio 2 Modules

Unofficial expansion for Krastorio 2 that adds 3 new tiers of modules that extend gameplay. All features and options can be toggled individually in the settings and are highly customizable.

1 year, 9 months ago
1 year, 10 months ago
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0.1.4 (1 year, 9 months ago)
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Krastorio 2 Modules

Krastorio 2 expands a lot of vanilla features but leaves the module system unchanged. The Krastorio team stated that this decision was made because of balancing reasons, which I can fully understand.
However, for those (like me) who still wish for more tiers of modules to extend the endgame and increase production even further, this is the mod for you.


  • This mod expands the 3 types of base game modules by adding 3 new tiers of modules.

  • They are powerful, but also very expensive to craft. They are designed as an endgame resource sink that allows you to push your factory even further and save you a few UPS.

  • Their high cost forces you to use them sparingly and conscientiously, instead of spamming them around every single setup like the base game tier of modules.
  • The difference between other mods that add more modules and this mod is that it was designed specifically for Krastorio 2. It makes use of the new resources and items and keeps close to the vanilla style.
  • To unlock the new tiers of modules, research the technology “Energy processing circuit”, which unlocks a new type of circuit that is required to craft them, and the technology “Advanced modules”.

  • Energy processing circuits take among other things tritium to craft. Tritium does not have another use after you transition from fusion energy to antimatter, which I think is a pity. Having it as a ingredient gives you a reason to keep or even expand its production line.
    However, this can be changed in the settings in case you prefer another ingredient.

  • The technology “Advanced modules” unlocks the research for tier 4, 5 and 6 of modules.
    Speed modules:

    Efficiency modules:

    Productivity modules:

  • The research is quite expensive and fully intended to be that way. The new modules are supposed to be an end game feature, not a late game item.


  • You don’t like a feature? You think one of the new modules is too weak or too strong? Takes a look at the settings.
  • This mod adds a number of options that allow you to customize the bonuses of the new modules and enable/disable certain features individually.

  • Hover your cursor over them to receive a more in-depth description.

  • Adds some options that allow you to choose between alternative icon graphics. E.g. energy processing circuit:

  • One option that should be mentioned specifically is a fix to solve the issue of some recipes reaching the cap of 1 craft per tick by multiplying affected recipes crafting time, ingredients and results by 10.
    For example, instead of getting 1 iron gear every 0.5 seconds, you get 10 iron gears every 5 seconds.

  • With the new modules fully beaconed Advanced assembling machines or Advanced chemical plants can reach craft speeds of 141 or 266 respectively (a few spaces around the machine are occupied with inputs/outputs), causing some recipes to go over 60 operations per second.
    The game engine only supports one craft per tick (60 per second), and one bonus productivity craft per tick (60 per second), causing the game to not iterate all recipe cycles correctly.
    After that you reach a cap, meaning even if you have a assembler with a crafting speed of 1000 you will get the same items/second out of it.

  • While this setting is not enabled by default because it is not necessary for normal gameplay, it is advised to enable it once you reach the endgame and start using fully beaconed setups with the new modules of this mod.


  • Marked as incompatible with Space Exploration because SE reworks the module system and adds additional 6 tiers, making this mod redundant.
  • Not tested with other mods that add modules. Most should be compatible but it is highly recommended to only choose one such mod to prevent duplicate content.


This mod is an add-on for Krastorio 2 by Krastor and Linver.
My mod is not an official expansion to Krastorio 2. It requires Krastorio 2 to be installed, but it is not related to the Krastorio Team in any other way.
A big thank you to the Krastorio Team for creating this amazing mod.
The code was created by me and graphics, other than the ones stated below, are based on the factorio base game icons and edited by me.
The icon graphics for the energy processing circuits were created by Kirazy. I only modified the hue. They were taken with permission from the author from the mod Artisanal Reskins: Bob's Mods.
If you notice any mistakes, bug, have any suggestions or feedback regarding the balancing let me know.