Editor Extensions

Extends the map editor with new features and tools, makes tweaks to it to facilitate easier sandbox play, and adds items and entities to assist with testing factories. The successor to Infinity Mode, which was inspired by Creative Mode.

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0.18 - 1.1


Version: 1.9.16
Date: 2021-08-08
    - Updated Russian locale
    - Fixed missing slots in the aggregate chest with DeadlockStackingForAngels enabled
    - Fixed that the infinity wagon `remove unfiltered items` setting wasn't saved in blueprints
Version: 1.9.15
Date: 2021-07-18
    - Changed infinity wagon speed caps to match the super locomotive
    - Fixed filter miniload detection for the infinity loader
Version: 1.9.14
Date: 2021-07-14
    - Typing an invalid cheatmode subcommand will print a message saying so
    - Fixed default miniloader detection for the infinity loader
Version: 1.9.13
Date: 2021-04-25
    - Fixed infinity fluid wagons only being changeable by admins
    - Updated flib dependency to fix crashes for those with an old version
Version: 1.9.12
Date: 2021-04-15
    - Infinity chest and linked chest settings can now be changed by anyone, not just admins
Version: 1.9.11
Date: 2021-03-08
    - Updated Russian locale (credit to Astorin)
    - Fixed a crash when an invalid infinity wagon is stored in `global` on migration
Version: 1.9.10
Date: 2021-03-02
    - Adjusted GUI titlebar styling
    - Changed super pump default speed to 12,000/s
    - Improved super pump "open default GUI" icon
    - Fixed super pump textifield incorrectly setting the slider
Version: 1.9.9
Date: 2021-02-28
    - Infinity inventory filters import/export dialog will now close independently of the controller GUI
    - Testing tool recipes will only be enabed if they're not already - avoiding duplicate new recipe notifications
    - Infinity wagon proxies will only be teleported if the wagon has moved
Version: 1.9.8
Date: 2021-02-21
    - Added compatibility with Quick Item Search, as the default hotkeys conflict
    - Aggregate chests wipe their filters before being saved in blueprints, to significantly decrease blueprint string size
    - Copy/pasting from a constant combinator to an infinity pipe will set the pipe to produce instead of consume
    - Disabled editing of infinity filters on aggregate chests
    - Fixed a crash related to selecting a new blueprint inside of a blueprint book
    - Fixed a crash when using the `/cheatmode` command in the map editor
    - Fixed a potential crash if adding EE to an existing save when in the Space Exploration satellite view
    - Fixed that aggregate chests placed from blueprints after a mod added items would have a limiter bar set
Version: 1.9.7
Date: 2021-01-26
    - Fixed a crash related to the satellite view fix in 1.9.6
Version: 1.9.6
Date: 2021-01-25
    - Added miniloader belt type compatibility to the infinity loader
    - Fixed that being in the SE satellite view when mod confiration changes would enable the testing tool recipes
Version: 1.9.5
Date: 2020-12-25
    - Fixed a crash when placing an infinity loader on a brand-new map
Version: 1.9.4
Date: 2020-12-24
    - Infinity loaders and linked belts will default to the fastest belt speed in the current modset, instead of being hardcoded at express belts
    - Fixed that the linked belt item would have an invalid place_result between data stages, leading to some compatibility errors
Version: 1.9.3
Date: 2020-12-17
    - Fixed a crash when opening an infinity cargo wagon
    - Fixed a crash when shift+clicking a linked belt twice
    - Fixed being unable to open infinity fluid wagons if they had an equipment grid
Version: 1.9.2
Date: 2020-12-16
    - Fixed several issues with mining linked belts in multiplayer and with robots
Version: 1.9.1
Date: 2020-12-16
    - Fixed a crash when mining a linked belt when that linked belt is selected for linking
Version: 1.9.0
Date: 2020-12-16
    - Added linked belt
      - These can connect to other linked belts in arbitrary locations, even across surfaces
      - Click a linked belt to start a connection, then click another one to link them
      - Shift + right-click a linked belt to sever its link
      - Control + left-click a linked belt to sync its belt type to the other end
      - Linked belts will snap their belt type, similar to infinity loaders
      - Linked belts will also snap direction if they don't currently have a link
      - Links will be preserved in blueprints, so long as both ends of the link are in the blueprint
    - Added linked chest
      - These share an inventory with other linked chests on the same channel
    - Infinity loaders now use the linked belt graphics instead of desaturated graphics
    - Significantly simplified infinity loader snapping code
    - Fixed cheat equipment not being tinted purple
Version: 1.8.3
Date: 2020-11-29
    - Made internal changes to make it possible to extend the testing scenario's scripting for testing mods
    - Removed now-defunct rocket silo stats GUI code from the testing scenario
    - Fixed inventory sync not deleting filters properly
Version: 1.8.2
Date: 2020-11-29
    - Updated crafting group icon
    - Fixed a crash and several behavioral issues with copy/paste for infinity pipes and infinity loaders
Version: 1.8.1
Date: 2020-11-29
    - Fixed entity GUI close buttons not working
    - Fixed a crash when mining an infinity loader while its GUI was open
Version: 1.8.0
Date: 2020-11-23
    - Added super battery equipment
    - Added `/cheatmode` command, meant to be used in place of `/cheat`
      - No parameter will emulate `/cheat` and enable testing tool recipes
      - `all` parameter does everything previously listed, and provides infinity items and equipment to the player
      - `off` parameter disables cheat mode and testing tool recipes
    - Updated to Factorio 1.1
    - Updated entity GUIs to match new vanilla style
    - Relocated infinity filter buttons from the bottom-left corner to being anchored on the editor GUI
    - Updated testing scenario map to include a super radar
    - Increased super roboport slots from 7 to 10
    - The mod no longer hijacks the vanilla `/cheat` command, instead using the aforementioned custom `/cheatmode` command
    - Removed `/EditorExtensions` command
    - Refined crafting group icon to better fit the other new icons
    - Fixed edge-case with IL chest filter setting
Version: 1.7.5
Date: 2020-11-14
    - Moved the testing scenario's actual code outside of the scenario script itself, to avoid issues with migrations
Version: 1.7.4
Date: 2020-11-05
    - Fixed a crash when copy / pasting to an infinity loader from anything but a constant combinator
Version: 1.7.3
Date: 2020-10-30
    - Fixed various crashes caused by the removal of the toggle-inventory-sync command
    - Fixed typo in infinity loader error message
Version: 1.7.2
Date: 2020-10-30
    - Removed the toggle-inventory-sync command, it is redundant due to the inventory sync per-player setting
    - Fixed a crash when entering a mini-tutorial
Version: 1.7.1
Date: 2020-10-22
    - Rewrote infinity pipe <-> constant combinator copy / paste to use prototype properties instead of runtime hacks
Version: 1.7.0
Date: 2020-10-22
    - Added copy / paste support between infinity pipes and constant combinators
    - Added support for decimal values to the Infinity Accumulator GUI
    - When in the map editor, mod_gui buttons and frames will be pushed to the right, so they remain visible
Version: 1.6.2
Date: 2020-10-19
    - Fixed a crash when pasting to an Infinity Loader from an entity with no control behavior
    - Fixed missing infinity loader locale
    - Fixed that infinity loader entities were upgradable
Version: 1.6.1
Date: 2020-10-06
    - Fixed a crash when disabling cheat mode when the reach distance bonus wasn't being applied correctly
    - Fixed that the character bonuses would compound if `/cheat all` was typed multiple times
Version: 1.6.0
Date: 2020-10-01
    - Super pump has been redesigned, and now sports an adjustable pumping speed with a custom GUI
    - Fixed broken performance warning rich text on infinity wagon tooltips
    - Fixed a crash when the scenario would toggle the map editor before EE loaded the player's data
Version: 1.5.22
Date: 2020-09-26
    - Fixed items spilling during inventory sync when the character's inventory was full
Version: 1.5.21
Date: 2020-09-25
    - Added "tertiary" as a selectable priority for infinity accumulator input/output
    - Fixed incorrect IA buffer size scaling leading to incorrect power production / consumption possibility numbers
    - Fixed prototype migration filenames to actually run in order
Version: 1.5.20
Date: 2020-09-17
    - Fixed a crash when Cursor Enhancements was active and mod versions changed
Version: 1.5.19
Date: 2020-09-17
    - Changed infinity pipe crafter input snapping to work on furnaces and rocket silos as well as assembling machines
    - Removed defunct infinity pipe snapping, which hasn't worked since fluid mixing was re-introduced
    - Fixed edge-cases where infinity pipe crafter snapping did not work correctly
    - Fixed the default forces in the testing scenario not having the bot buffs
Version: 1.5.18
Date: 2020-09-15
    - Added rocket launch tracking to the testing scenario
    - Testing scenario will chart around a force's spawnpoint if it is changed, rather than always 0,0
    - Testing scenario now buffs each force's construction order speed
      - This can be reverted using the `force editor -> edit other properties`
    - Fixed that mod settings would not be preserved when entering the testing scenario
Version: 1.5.17
Date: 2020-09-14
    - Adjusted Cursor Enhancements overrides
    - The mod will only give the `/cheat all` loadout if in EE's testing scenario
Version: 1.5.16
Date: 2020-09-13
    - The testing scenario now enables cheat mode for new players itself, rather than EE doing it
    - Fixed a crash when the scenario would enable cheat mode for a new player
Version: 1.5.15
Date: 2020-09-13
    - Added beacon slot picture definitions for the super modules
    - Added Cursor Enhancements overrides for testing tools
    - Added Russian translation by Apareshka
    - Added sounds when opening/closing infintity accumulators and infinity loaders
    - Super module icons are now tinted from a greyscale base, significantly improving their appearance
    - Fixed a crash when disabling cheat mode while in the map editor
    - Fixed a crash with inventory sync when toggling the map editor from the ghost controller
    - Fixed aggregate chests not setting their filters when placed
    - Fixed character cheats not being applied when the character enables cheat mode in a non-character controller
    - Fixed incorrect error message when typing `/EditorExtensions disable-cheat-mode` while cheat mode was already disabled
    - Fixed inventory sync destroying items if the non-editor controller doesn't have all of the corresponding inventories
    - Fixed some broken migrations when converting to EE from Infinity Mode
    - Fixed the super beacon discoloring the modules in its slots
    - Fixed the testing tool recipes not being unlocked if a scenario starts the player in cheat mode
Version: 1.5.14
Date: 2020-09-08
    - Testing scenario will only chart once, rather than on every player join
    - Removed dialog message when first loading the testing scenario
    - Disabled AAI Industry's crash site in the testing scenario
    - Fixed a crash when changing player settings
    - Fixed that activating Space Exploration's satellite view would unlock testing tools and toggle inventory sync
    - Fixed that the infinity inventory filters buttons would not update their location on a display resolution or scale change
    - Fixed that the mod did not listen for entity cloning events
Version: 1.5.13
Date: 2020-08-23
    - Changed snap-to-pipe behavior of infinity pipes to just set their fluid filter, but not void their contents
    - Improved performance of aggregate chest setup by 10x
    - Fixed infinity loaders not snapping to newly built standard loaders
    - Fixed infinity pipe snapping not working at all
    - Fixed several missing migrations, leaving behind useless data in global
Version: 1.5.12
Date: 2020-08-22
    - Inventory sync now syncs the "hand" position as well
    - Fixed aggregate chests not counting spidertron remotes when setting their inventory size
    - Fixed infinity loaders not snapping when facing directly into another loader
    - Fixed another edge case where contents would be spilled during inventory sync
Version: 1.5.11
Date: 2020-08-15
    - Updated to Factorio 1.0
    - Fixed a crash with Artisanal Reskins
Version: 1.5.10
Date: 2020-08-09
    - Added infinity loader support for Omnicompression
    - Moved infinity loader generation to data-final-fixes to catch absolutely all belt types
    - Fixed a potential crash if any GUI handlers were removed between versions
Version: 1.5.9
Date: 2020-07-26
    - Entering an unrecognized command will print a message saying so
    - Split testing tool recipes into their own category
    - Hid Krastorio 2 dependency
    - Fixed a crash with aggregate chests when there was more than one "mining-tool" prototype in the game
    - Fixed the Transport Drones mod causing aggregate chests to have one less extra slot for inserters
    - Fixed a crash upon building an infinity loader in an illegal location
Version: 1.5.8
Date: 2020-07-09
    - Krastorio 2 crash site is now disabled when entering testing scenario
Version: 1.5.7
Date: 2020-06-24
    - Fixed a crash related to GUI style changes in Factorio 0.18.33
Version: 1.5.6
Date: 2020-06-13
    - Added a setting for preventing the initial pause when entering the editor for the first time
    - Added a super roboport setup to the testing scenario map
    - Renamed tesseract chest to aggregate chest, to avoid confusion with its functionality
    - Testing scenario no longer has clouds
Version: 1.5.5
Date: 2020-06-08
    - Super robots are now 1 million times faster
    - Super robots can carry up to 1000 items at a time
    - ACTUALLY added the pre-built testing level - the mod packager ignored the level file when zipping the mod!
Version: 1.5.4
Date: 2020-06-01
    - Removed Recipe Book script data from testing scenario level
Version: 1.5.3
Date: 2020-06-01
    - Changed window titlebar drag behavior to be in line with vanilla (you can drag anywhere on the titlebar's flow)
    - Testing scenario is now a pre-generated world, vastly speeding up load time
Version: 1.5.2
Date: 2020-05-28
    - Added testing scenario - the world generates with lab tiles and cheat mode is enabled from the start
Version: 1.5.1
Date: 2020-05-26
    - Removed testing scenario - it doesn't work yet!
Version: 1.5.0
Date: 2020-05-26
    - Added super energy shield
    - Added super night vision
    - Added a super energy shield and super night vision to the /cheat all loadout
    - Added /EditorExtensions disable-cheat-mode command, which disables cheat mode and removes the testing tools recipes
    - Cheat entities now have a purple map color
    - Inventory sync now syncs slot filters as well as contents
    - Refactored the mod to improve performance and code structure
    - Switched from RaiLuaLib to FLib
    - New infinity loader icon
    - Removed infinity combinator due to bad performance, clunky internals, and low usage
    - Significantly optimized infinity wagon blueprinting logic
    - Updated item / entity naming scheme to more accurately reflect what they do
    - Updated GUI styling to match the 0.18.27 style overhaul
    - Fixed a crash when connecting an infinity pipe to a crafting machine with no set recipe
    - Fixed a crash with inventory sync when in god mode
    - Fixed that entering cheat mode with inventory-expanding armor equipped would unequip the armor for a split second, causing items to spill on the ground
    - Fixed the infinity pipe not appearing in item filters menu
    - Fixed that super exoskeletons could not be placed in every equipment grid
Version: 1.4.1
Date: 2020-04-24
    - Fixed RaiLuaLib version dependency
Version: 1.4.0
Date: 2020-04-24
    - Added new hi-res icons for infinity chests and tesseract chests
    - Inventory sync is now able to be toggled separately from cheat mode, using /EditorExtensions toggle-inventory-sync
    - Non-logistic infinity and tesseract chests now have a slightly different color, to be able to distinguish them from vanilla infinity chests
    - Tesseract and infinity chest graphics are now packged with the mod
    - Infinity fuel icon now uses rocket fuel instead of nuclear fuel, eliminating the ugly glow
    - Refactored inventory and cursor sync to use the new script inventories feature instead of invisible chests
    - Removed /ee_cheat command, use /cheat all instead
    - Removed remote interface for infinity loader, it's not really needed
    - Fixed that mining an infinity robot would return its non-infinity version
    - Fixed a crash when trying to open an infinity combinator more than once
    - Fixed missing descriptions on infinity loader and infinity accumulator
Version: 1.3.3
Date: 2020-04-09
    - Fixed infinity pipe and infinity heat pipe returning their vanilla versions when mined
Version: 1.3.2
Date: 2020-04-06
    - Fixed infinity inserter and infinity pipe autoconfig not working
Version: 1.3.1
Date: 2020-04-05
    - Fixed several missing migrations
    - Fixed stack sizes of infinity chests and tesseract chests
Version: 1.3.0
Date: 2020-04-03
    - Added Krastorio 2 compatibility for infinity loaders
    - Added a prefix to all items and entities to avoid conflicts with other mods
    - Switched to using our own versions of the built-in infinity chest, infinity pipe, and heat interface to avoid compatibility issues
    - Brightened the crafting group icon to make it easier to see when selected
    - Removed lualib and made it a separate mod, RaiLuaLib
    - Fixed the alignment and styling of titlebars which broke due to the new character GUI
    - Fixed a crash on trying to disable inventory sync when it wasn't enabled
    - Fixed that mining an infinity combinator would give you a regular constant combinator
    - Fixed that an infinity loader of a modded belt type would break upon the mod's removal
Version: 1.2.1
Date: 2020-02-21
    - Fixed a crash when using an infinity loader with modded belts (forgot a comma)
    - Fixed a crash when setting an infinity fluid wagon to have at most or exactly zero fluid
Version: 1.2.0
Date: 2020-02-20
    - Added inventory and cursor syncronization between play modes (only active after enabling cheat mode)
    - Added infinity inventory filters import/export dialog
    - Added default infinity inventory filters setting
    - Improved styling of infinity loader filter buttons and infinity combinator selected button
    - Editor GUI character tab is now hidden by default
    - Fixed missing key error when trying to build over an infinity loader
    - Fixed infinity lab not properly detecting all possible science packs
Version: 1.1.2
Date: 2020-02-14
    - Updated crafting group icon
    - Removed tesseract storage chest due to performance problems making it completely unusable
    - Fixed a crash when using the /ee_cheat command without a character
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2020-02-03
    - Fixed a crash when another mod's custom GUI was closed before this mod got to read it
    - Fixed a crash when an infinity pipe is snapping to a fluidbox with an index greater than one
    - Fixed incorrect infinity pipe snapping behavior when there are multiple infinity pipes connected to the same crafting machine
Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2020-02-01
    - Added infinity exoskeleton equipment
    - Added /ee_cheat command that is similar to /cheat, but outfits you with infinity equipment instead of vanilla equipment
    - Buffed infinity roboport to have 100 charging slots and charge all bots in the center, significantly speeding it up
    - Removed some redundant code for showing the testing items
    - Fixed that the electric energy interface would show in the crafting menu when using /cheat
    - Fixed that infinity equipment wasn't included in the crafting recipes after using /cheat
    - Fixed that infinity equipment would not be tinted when stuck in armor
Version: 1.0.2
Date: 2020-01-26
    - If you are already in cheat mode when Editor Extensions is added to your save, the testing tools will unlock themselves automatically
    - The toggle map editor shortcut will visually disable itself if the player is not an admin
    - Fixed not being able to unlock testing tools using /cheat if cheat mode was already enabled
    - Fixed data stage code structure to prevent leaking globals into other mods, and fix many incompatibilities both known and unknown
Version: 1.0.1
Date: 2020-01-25
    - Fixed incorrect infinity heat pipe picture definition causing a crash in some cases
    - Fixed save/load safety of event GUI filters
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2020-01-25
    - Initial release