Configurable Mining Drills

Change mining speed & area size for all mining drills, pumping speed for all pumpjacks, each by their own factor. Energy use and pollution rate automatically scale with speed to preserve game balance. Module slot amount can be increased as well. Should work with all mods.

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Configurable Mining Drills

This mod provides several configurable options which apply broadly to all mining drills and pumpjacks, both vanilla and modded:

  • Mining Drills: Change mining speed and increase mining area size by each their own factor.
  • Pumpjacks: Change pumping speed by a factor.
  • All: Increase number of module slots for machines that already have at least one slot.

Energy use and pollution rate automatically scale with the relevant speed factor in order to at least somewhat preserve game balance. Some drills are excluded from having their mining area size increased.

Regarding large mining areas: Since the electric mining drill is (still) not capable of skipping over ore patches for which it lacks the appropriate mining fluid, uranium ore and some mod ores are likely to block the mining of other resources more often when mining area size increases. Several mods can circumvent this issue in different ways:

  • Cursed Filter Mining Drill by L0771 provides a filter tool that can replace any mining drill with a variant that mines only the selected ore type. It has broad mod compatibility.
  • Tiny mining drill by Brathahn and Mini Miner by _CodeGreen are useful for accurately mining just one resource tile with their 1x1 mining drills. This mod has been updated to not change their mining area size.
  • Fluidless Mining and Ore Washing by staviq accomplishes much the same as the Simple Uranium Mining option that was removed in v.0.4.0, except it uses Assemblers Mk2+ for processing, and it works for any ore requiring fluid for mining. A much better, generalized solution, and it seems to still work fine.
  • My own mod, Zar's Nuclear Tweaks, adds a similar option for only uranium ore mining, that moves the need for sulfuric acid to a new Yellow Cake Processing stage instead.

(This mod was originally forked from Instant Mining Drill by darkfrei, with a smaller addition from Mining Drill Bigger Area by jackar, but it has since been completely overhauled and expanded.)

Check out my other mod Configurable Custom Electric Mining Drill, if you would rather have a separate entity to modify.

Read FAQ about compatibility.