Circuit HUD V2

by Xiomax

Allows you to track any circuit signals in the player HUD / UI. Awesome for storage monitoring, robotics network, production flow, alerts, debugging circuit networks or power monitoring! This is a continuation of the Circuit HUD mod with many new features and can be safely installed in existing save files!

3 years ago
Circuit network
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.3.0 (3 years ago)
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All credits, thanks, street cred and karma goes to feupeu for creating the awesome CircuitHUD mod!
I love this mod but it's unfortunately not maintained anymore which is why I wanted to continue the great work feupeu did.
"Notice me senpai feupeu UwU :3"

This version can be safely installed on any save game that uses the old CircuitHUD
However, due to modding limitations the names of the HUD Combinators can't be transferred and thus have to be reconfigured, all HUD Combinator entities and signal connections are however safe and working!

Feedback on the code or anything else is very welcome! It's my first real mod that I have been working on and I can most likely improve many things.


Adds a new HUD Combinator, which will display any signals passed into it on the player HUD / UI

The HUD combinator is useful for debugging complex circuit networks, production and storage monitoring and other circuit shenanigans. It can be named using rich text. The HUD Combinator is unlocked through the Circuit network research, just add signals into it and it will work!


  • Will take any signal provided to the HUD Combinator and then display that in the HUD of all players!
  • All signals are color coded based on whether its the green or red signal!
  • HUD Combinators can be named to categorize different signals!
  • Show/hide signals using the "Hide HUD - Combinator" signal (demo)!

New Features in V2 (v1.3+)

  • HUD Combinators now have signal filtering functionality, this avoids long chains of arithmetic combinators to get the right signal display!
  • HUD Combinators now have a preview of all the signals that are coming in, this greatly helps when picking which filters to set!
  • The HUD now has buttons for each HUD Combinator, which means you can now edit from anywhere, zoom to the combinator and hide each individual HUD Combinator!
  • You can now search and filter for HUD Combinators straight from the HUD itself (Thanks @Taurondir for the idea!)
  • Greatly improved the size and position control of the HUD!
  • Added more helpful messages in the HUD based on the HUD Combinator state!
  • Player specific settings are no longer set in the Mod settings but are now configurable from the Circuit HUD directly (Thanks @AngrySlipper for the idea!)
  • The combinators in the HUD can now be sorted by name, build order and priority in both ascending and descending mode.
  • Added hotkeys for Toggeling the HUD (default: "CONTROL + SHIFT + S") and opening the settings window (default: "CONTROL + ALT + S")
  • Mining the HUD Combinator now takes 3 seconds, up from 0.1 to prevent accidental mining.
  • Each player can now change their individual HUD update time in real time from the settings menu.
  • Simplyfied the HUD size calculation greatly with better alignment results, improving performance greatly!

New Features in V2 (v1.1+)

  • Near complete rewrite of the code resulting in a literally 100 times performance increase! (Don't abuse on_tick :P)
    • See screenshot, awesome performance of 1 UPS drop with hundreds of signals spread over 13 HUD Combinators!
    • Zero performance cost when the HUD is collapsed!
  • Added many settings to customize Circuit HUD behavior and appearance!
    • The Circuit HUD can now be placed and fixed to different positions!
    • The number of columns before signals wrap can now be adjusted!
    • The Circuit HUD is now shown with minimal clutter and padding around it for a minimalistic look!
    • The Circuit HUD height can be adjusted before a scrollbar appears!
    • The title shown in the HUD can be customized or hidden completely!
  • Fixed de-sync issues with multiplayer usage!
  • Completely compatible with the original CircuitHUD in existing save games!

Future Features

More ideas are welcome!

  • Merge signal results of HUD Combinators with the same name!
  • Add shortcut for toggling the Circuit HUD visibility!
  • Need to fix the HUD Combinators being avaiable before the Circuit research.
  • Colorblind Circuit Network integration, if requested


Check out this short demo of the mod (youtube link):

Use cases

  • Storage monitoring
  • Robotics network
  • Production flow
  • Alerts
  • Debugging circuit networks

... and probably many more - feel free to send me your creations and usages

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