Visual Signals

by zomis

Allows you to keep track of chosen circuit networks on the left hand side in your GUI. Originally a fork of CircuitsUI by Fumelgo.

8 months ago
0.15 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.0 (8 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 1.1
6545 times

Enables players to connect their circuit networks to a "GUI Signal Display" which allows them to keep track of circuit networks in the GUI at any time. Support for showing and hiding individual circuit networks.

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See Visual Signals mod showcase by Crazy German Engineer

How to use:
- Research "Visual Signals"
- Build a "GUI Signal Display" and place it on the map
- Connect the GUI Signal Display to a circuit network

Version 0.17.0:
- Update for Factorio 0.17

Version 0.16.1:
- Fix bug with opening GUI when there are no GUI Signal Displays on the map (GitHub issue #31)
- Make popup GUI more dynamic size
- Print title for GUI Signal Display when clicking on it (Thanks to new Factorio Lua API)
- Use Factorio version 0.16

Version 0.15.7:
- Fix a bug that caused problems with removing a GUI Signal Display and then placing one again

Version 0.15.6:
- Label for the signals will no longer scroll away (You will need to toggle "Show" off and on first for this to work)
- Also show both red and green networks in the bigger GUI

Version 0.15.5:
- Made it possible to have both red and green signals connected at the same time. They will be shown side-by-side with red first, then green. (Previously the mod would prioritize the red network and only show that if there was also a green network connected)

Version 0.15.4:
- Placed show/hide checkbox on left side and removed the label
- Code style improvements

Version 0.15.2:
- Fixed bug with Multiplayer games. Multiplayer games should now be supported fully

Version 0.15.1:
- Reduced the cost for research and building it to make it more usable early-/midgame