Adds minable sulfur, burner chemical plant, gunpowder and rubber. Changes how sulfur is obtained from oil. Optionally adds chemical waste reprocessing and greenhouses.

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Very slightly expands and complexifies the chemical industry. Originally intended to focus on sulfur, hence the name, but sort of got away from me.


  • Sulfur is now minable and plays a role before oil is unlocked.
  • Sulfur is a free byproduct of oil processing, but creating sulfur from petroleum gas is less efficient and unlocked later.
  • Gunpowder is needed for basic ammo and grenades. The explosives recipe has been redesigned to represent TNT.
  • Since sulfur is now a raw material, chemical science requires TNT instead of sulfur.
  • Adds a burner chemical plant for producing a limited set of chemistry recipes in the very early game.
  • Adds a basic greenhouse to grow wood, for rubber production or just fuel. This can be disabled if you prefer a different greenhouse mod.

Please note: the ability to produce gunpowder requires some research. You will start with a small amount of it so you aren't totally defenseless, but this means that you start the game without the ability to craft ammo sustainably. Note that any mod that complicates the red-science and burner era will exacerbate this. It's probably wise to increase the size of the starting area if you are running a lot of early-game-affecting mods and are playing with biters.


Planetfall - Code, Design, Art
Rawkius - Spanish locale

New Intermediates

Just to add a bit more complexity, flavor, and spaghetti.

  • Saltpeter is an ingredient in gunpowder, nitric acid, and fertilizer (if you enable greenhouses.) It can be produced directly from stone or as a byproduct of sand processing if you have Krastorio 2 or AAI industry.
  • Gunpowder for basic ammunition and grenades.
  • Nitric acid for TNT production and rocket fuel.
  • Toluene for TNT, sealants for concrete, and as a fuel additive.
  • Rubber for conveyor belts, gaskets, and electrical insulation.
  • Drive belts for engines and some machines.

Optionally, a waste mechanic can be enabled.

  • Many chemical plant recipes will produce chemical waste that must be neutralized. Some resources can be recovered from waste with the addition of sulfuric acid.
  • Space Exploration enables different waste management options using vulcanite and cryonite.
  • If Them Thar Hills is enabled, gold processing and some other recipes that use acid will produce a different waste product, depleted acid. This can be filtered to recover a small amount of additional gold powder but turns into even more chemical waste.

Mod Compatibility

BrimStuff is mostly designed with vanilla progression in mind, but contains explicit compatibility with:

  • Krastorio 2
  • AAI Industries/Space Exploration
  • BZ mods
  • My other resource mods
  • Fluids Must Flow
  • Renai Transportation
  • More Science
  • Vortik's Deep Core Mining
  • Deadlock stacking and crating

Most non-overhaul mods will work with my resource mods, their recipes simply won't use any of the new items. Mods that mess with the progression of the game can be more problematic - they may break in unexpected ways if they modify item or recipe prototypes dynamically, or be uncompletable if they change tech tree dependencies. Compatibility requests are welcome but supporting every big overhaul simultaneously is probably beyond my ability.