Warptorio2 Expansion

This mod is an expansion for Warptorio 2. DON'T PANIC! Adds missions on the planets you visit, required to unlock technologies. Also adds some big Bosses, more planets, and a loyal robotic companion.
26 days ago


Version: 0.0.46
    - Added some icons to alert messages
    - Reduced the rate of fast evolution planet event 
    - Getting a mission now prioritizes the cheapest technologies

Version: 0.0.45
    - Difficulty on bosses and evolution is now based on ship reconstruction progress, not on warp zone anymore

Version: 0.0.44
    - Fixed marvin construction button (personal laser defense) that was not working
    - Raised escort droid health to 400

Version: 0.0.43
    - Fixed a potential crash when building rocket-silo ghost
    - Added incompatibility flag with biter_factions

Version: 0.0.42
    - First broken lab will drop stocked science kits when it explodes
    - Reduced time for worm attack event to start after the first alert message
    - Added biters to worm attack events
    - Added interface for calling a worm attack event
    - Reduced chance of the unexpected warp event, and added a mod option to turn it off

Version: 0.0.41
    - Added new malfunction event: unexpected warp procedure initialization! Each reactor reassembly technology researched reduces the chance
    - Added interface for calling some events
    - Unlocked unresearched missions being locked again after game updates

Version: 0.0.40
    - Removed warp tank resistances (harvester missions)
    - Portal teleporter recaller now working on ship panel
    - New mod option: Boss HP multiplier
    - Reduced bosses speed
    - Fixed missing localization string
    - Fixed a mission typo

Version: 0.0.39
    - Fixed bosses resistances and made those values visible
    - Biter bosses now have area damage, with a nice hit ground effect
    - Raised escord droid HP

Version: 0.0.38
    - Using new "Stabilizer" ability warptorio event
    - Added some weakness to bosses
    - Marvin's head is now craftable after its first technology

Version: 0.0.37
    - Choosing a mission is now more random.

Version: 0.0.36
    - Fixed a reported crash on warp (again)

Version: 0.0.35
    - Fixed a reported crash on warp

Version: 0.0.34
    - Fixed Marvin mission crashing (again)

Version: 0.0.33
    - Changed the icons of some ship technologies
    - Built turrets now requires 5 seconds to be activated. You can disable/change this feature in mod options.
    - Fixed Marvin mission crashing
    - Fixed a Marvin speech typo

Version: 0.0.32
    - Added another mod option to unlock a number of technologies by type
    - changed the code for locking technologies to avoid a reported bug

Version: 0.0.31
    - Reduced required time for a second mission on a planet: from 40 to 30 mins.
    - Defend well you Rocket Silo: biters don't like it...
    - New technology required to show harvesters recaller panel.
    - Reworked gui panels
    - New ship info panel to show progress on warp reactor reassembly
    - Energy leak problem now drains more energy
    - Fixed Marvin mission skipping some required items.

Version: 0.0.30
    - Adjusted a few technologies dependencies to match missions.
    - New Marvin quest type added to unlock some late technologies, including Rocket-Silo.
    - Rocket-Silo can only be built with Marvin nearby, and where it says so. Request It a location in its panel.
    - Added 3 new rare ores, that spawns on specific planets. Requires a new technology.
    - These new ores will be required to create special modules and a capsule to reassembly your warp ship and unlock the final warptorio technology.
    - Reduced chances to have bosses.

Version: 0.0.29
    - The escort droid is not repairable 
    - More chances to have bosses
    - More chances to have Marvin's quest
    - Warp rail technologies are not part of the missions anymore
    - Reduced required time for factory floor first mission
    - No more Marvin fixing itself
    - Fixed Marvin beam attack range

Version: 0.0.28
    - Added some mod options to unlock the first initial warp technologies.
    - "Stabilizer" is a very unstable technology, so using it have a small chance to cause some collateral problems to the ship.
    - fixed a missing technology localization string

Version: 0.0.27
    - "Stabilizer" ship button is a powerfull feature that weakens all aliens. To release this energy, activating it will now drain all the energy of the ship. Use with caution!
    - If warp button is not recovered when it jumps off, next planet will have the same problem.
    - Added platform teleport gate to the ship panel
    - Added storage information to the ship panel
    - Added 3 technologies to unlock the ship panel information tabs

Version: 0.0.26
    - Fixed a crash with Marvin repair

Version: 0.0.25
    - Elevators can now be used anywhere on the gray platform tile
    - Added to the elevator ship panel a way to get the harvesters items
    - Changed harvesters icons a bit to distinguish left from right

Version: 0.0.24
    - Added more bosses (worms and a huge spawner)
    - Added some loot to bosses.

Version: 0.0.23
    - Added a bunch of warptorio technologies to be unlocked by missions
    - Fixed ship elevator gui crash

Version: 0.0.22
    - Added new type of mission that only Marvin can do to recover special loot items
    - fixed some missing localization strings

Version: 0.0.21
    - Marvin is a bit better (HP, resistances, attacks)
    - Changed some texts to be more clear on what the mission will benefit the ship if accomplished
    - Added more text info to Marvin technologies, to show which abilities will be upgraded
    - Added ship warp elevator: you can click a floor in the ship info panel to go there
    - Prevent mission entities to be spawned near the platform

Version: 0.0.20
    - Added ship energy information panel
    - Added a "portal effect" to the stairs and teleport gates

Version: 0.0.19
    - Made a new "polluted" planet to replace the default one. The previous is now named "evolution"

Version: 0.0.18
    - Added another required planet pack as mod dependency. Adds 7 new exotic planets.
    - Changed planet natives calculation

Version: 0.0.17
    - Added another improbability event

Version: 0.0.16
    - Fixed boss appearing too soon after warp

Version: 0.0.15
    - Marvin's Head upgrade: can now produce science according to its level. Just make sure to lock him in some cage, or he will drop science everywhere!
    - Added a few speech bubbles to Marvin
    - Bosses rework

Version: 0.0.14
    - Killing bosses does not unlock platform technologies anymore

Version: 0.0.13
    - Raised Marvin's HP to 1K
    - Reducend the chance of a planet having a second mission
    - Added a new planet: The wet world

Version: 0.0.12
    - removed a debug text

Version: 0.0.11
    - Made compatible with the warptorio v 1.0.3
    - Added a new planet: The Great Evolution! Where biters evolve very fast.
    - Replace the "polluted" warptorio default planet with the new one, until a crash is fixed. This is temporary.

Version: 0.0.10
    - Changed platform missions to the new escort missions
    - Bosses are still placed sometimes, but not related to missions anymore
    - Marvin can repair entities if in level 2+
    - Marvin has a chance to be in a bad mood, so it will not receive orders, except move
    - Tweaked some Marvin technologies

Version: 0.0.9
    - Don't Panic! Added the robot Marvin, a loyal companion, when in a good mood.
    - Added 5 missions to unlock Marvin related technologies.
    - Planets may have a second mission, if you stay long enough.
    - Energy missions require more energy.
    - Fixed a reported gui crash

Version: 0.0.8
    - Added local time on plant info panel
    - Some small fixes

Version: 0.0.6
    - Added another improbability event: energy generator jumps off

Version: 0.0.5
    - Fixed easy boss appearing on mid games

Version: 0.0.4
    - Locked more techs over harvesters, that now depends on missions

Version: 0.0.3
    - Mission probabilities changed a bit
    - Added the first improbability event: a button jumps off
    - Added ship scan sound
    - Uncharted planet now has random planet images
    - Fixed bosses where disappearing

Version: 0.0.2
    - Fixed some crashes
    - Fixed chosen mission was always the same

Version: 0.0.1
Date: 13.9.2019
    - Initial release: Don't Panic!