Adds loyal prototype spidertrons that follow you around. They can deconstruct nearby orders, build blueprints, and perform upgrades using your inventory. Spiderbots are a basic alternative to early construction mods such as Nanobots and Companion Drones. Toggle work order processing: Alt + S

4 months ago
Logistic network Blueprints


Version: 0.1.0
Date: 26NOV2023
    - Initial release on the mod portal
    - Added "Spiderbot", a small spidertron that can be built in the early game with basic construction abilities
    - Spiderbots follow the player who built them, and re-follow players when they and return to a surface
    - Spiderbots process work orders near the player. Deconstruction tasks are prioritized, then construction tasks, then upgrade tasks
    - Spiderbots cannot mine or place tiles or landfill
    - Spiderbots cannot repair entities using repair packs
    - Work order processing can be toggled with a shortcut and hotkey (default: Alt + S)
    - Spiderbots try to find new paths if they get stuck on the way to a work order or player
    - Each spider is given a Backer Name when built
    - Spiderbots change color based on their task type; red for deconstruction, blue for construction, green for upgrade, white for pathfinding, and their player's color when idle
    - Added debug mode to draw work order paths; /spiderbot-debug