Science Bottles

by Jakzie

Adds glass bottles which are used in all science pack recipes. Bottles are made from glass and wood. Useful for adding a little more complexity to vanilla game. Compatible with modded science packs and overhaul mods including Space Exploration, Industrial Revolution 2, Bob's mods and Angel's mods.

a month ago
6 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.4 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
1348 times

Feel like vanilla science packs are too simple to make?
Want to add just a bit of complexity to your game without anything crazy?
Believe that wood could be used for more than basic power poles?

Then try Science Bottles mod. It adds glass bottles made from glass and wood, which every science pack requires in its recipe.


This mod has no way of automatically producing wood, therefore you'll need another mod to produce wood if you don't want to run around collecting wood for few hours.

Just Another Greenhouse Mod is recommended, but you're free to use any other greenhouse mod you want.
If you play with Industrial Revolution 2, there's no need for a greenhouse mod.


This mods doesn't add glass, it requires another glass mod. The only supported mods which add glass are for now:

You must have at least one of these mods installed in order to play this one. (Keep in mind that some of these mods may not be compatible with each other).


Science Bottles mod should be compatible with all modded science packs. If you run into compatibility issues with any mods, please let me know in the discussion section.

If your glass or greenhouse mod requires technologies to be researched, you can disable the usage of glass bottles in automation science packs in mod settings.

Here are some additional changes:

AAI Industry:

  • Automation science packs won't require glass bottles regardless of mod settings.

Space Exploration:

  • Science packs made in space won't require glass bottles.

MadClown01's Science:

  • Making science packs in a particle accelerator won't require glass bottles.

Industrial Revolution 2:

  • Copper analysis packs won't require glass bottles regardless of mod settings.
  • Glass bottles are unlocked in the glass milestone.


There may be some balancing changes in the future after more playtesting.

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