Pneumatic Transport

by Saienai

Removes all belts and adds pneumatic in/out stations (with built in inserters) that convert any/all items into fluid-like states for transport through pipes. Alternative lore: LIQUIFY EVERYTHING!!!!

6 months ago
Logistics Fluids
1 year, 19 days ago
Latest Version:
1.1.7 (6 months ago)
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Alternate name:

Liquify Everything!


Allows for sending most items through pipes instead of via belts by utilizing pneumatic in/out buildings (or liquidation / solidification buildings if that's the lore you want to follow).

Output (solidification) buildings are set as furnaces for ease of use - converting whatever is in the pipe back to solid form; Input (liquidation) however have both automatic (furnace) as well as filtered (assembler) versions to allow for both typical single-output recipes as well as mutli-output recipes.

All of these buildings will automatically transfer items to/from the attached building/chest/wagon on the opposite side to the pipe connection, and can also be interacted with via inserters if needed. See attached images for examples.

Extra options:

  • Disable belts (on by default): removes belts from the game to force pipe-transfer for all items.
  • Disable item wagons (on by default): removes regular wagons from the game to force fluid-wagon use for all items.
  • Disable inserters (off by default): removes all inserters & loaders to force complete pipe-transfer for everything; prevents the use of direct-insertion.

Mod compatibility:

Should work with most other mods (A&B tested).

NOTE: there seems to be some issue with K2SE, cause not yet found so for now it should be considered as incompatible.

Recommend not using any loader mods (mini-loaders, loader redux, AAI loaders, etc), especially if you decide to go full in and disable inserters.

Extra controls:

Setting up the recipe for input / liquidation buildings can be done via the regular recipe selection window, however due to the massive number of recipes (one for each item) a simpler method of setting the recipe is provided via copying entity settings:

  1. Use the copy-entity-settings shortcut (shift-right-click default) on the assembler/furnace/chest/wagon.
  2. Use the paste-entity-settings shortcut (shift-left-click default) on the input/liquidation building.
  3. Repeat step 2 to scroll through the list of items:
  • For assemblers/furnaces/chem-plants/etc: will scroll through all products (items only).
  • For chests: will scroll through all items in the chest.
  • For wagons: will scroll through all items and set filters in the wagon.

Flow details:

Items are converted at a 1:10 ratio, giving pipes an average throughput of 100 items/sec for pipes of length under 200 (see factorio-pipe throughput for more details here). For most items the buildings provide a flow of 75 items/sec max, though if an item has a stack size smaller than 50 the flow may be less.