Schmitt | Logistic Carts / Transport Drones 🚚

Carts (mini cars) carry items around a network of painted paths. Original mod by dorfl. Fork by SingletonFactory. This fork of fork by DE_Schmitt. Compatibility with Nanobots added.

6 days ago
1 year, 4 months ago
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1.1.4 (6 days ago)
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The wonderful mod Logistic Carts was incompatible with Nanobots mod. Thus I added the compatibility now and released this version. I only added/edited a few lines of code. So all credits still go to the original mod authors of and author of the fork

How does it work? Please find details/documentation in the linked original mods.

To make it short: See the screenshot.

  • You place green arrow tiles on the ground, place a logicart on one of the green arrows, put some fuel in the logicart (for example coal) and then the logicart will follow the path.
  • Using white arrows means just drive ahead even without arrows afterwards.
  • Using green arrows means only drive as long as you have an arrow directly below the cart.
  • Using loading/unloading tiles tells the cart to load/unload to/from filtered trunk slots in the logicart.
  • You can create a switch by placing a sticker on the green arrow and telling the sticker any factorio item (for example a "rail" item like in the screenshot).
  • The logicart will use the new direction of the green arrow with a sticker only if the logicart has at least one item of the sticker item on board in its trunk.
  • Be careful! Logicarts kill you when you stand in there way for a few seconds. But after getting hurt you still have the chance to go out of the way.
  • There is much more to discover in the wonderful logicarts mod. (Again: Its not mine. I just added compatibility for nanobots.)

Known issues:

  • Do not place a white arrow below a tunnel entrance (otherwise there will be an error)
  • Using any cart speed other than the default value (10) may lead to unexpected errors


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