Infused Science

by Jakzie

Adds an infused version of every (even modded) science pack, which every infinite technology will require. Infused versions are made by combining the original with space science pack and some raw resources. This increases complexity and cost of endgame research. Inspired by More Science mod.

5 months ago
5 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.0 (5 months ago)
Factorio version:
74 times


Infused Science mod increases the complexity and cost of endgame research by making each infinite research to require special versions of science packs.
Every science pack can be infused by combining it with space science pack and raw resources (iron ore, copper ore, stone, coal, uranium ore and crude oil).
Infinite technologies can only be researched in a special lab, which is bigger, more expensive to make, slightly faster and has 4 module slots instead of 2.

This mod is inspired by More Science mod, which includes a similar feature. Difference in this mod is that it only adds infused science packs without changing the vanilla packs. This mod also generates infused versions of modded science packs.


  • If One More Tier is installed, the infused research lab will require the advanced lab to craft it. Total cost stays the same.
  • If AlienSpaceScience is installed, there will be another recipe for infusion using both space science packs and alien artifacts. Recipe for crafting artifacts into space science packs gets disabled.


Infused Science will attempt to generate infused versions for every modded science pack which is used in at least one infinite technology. It should also be compatible with every mod that modifies the vanilla packs.

Because some mods adds science packs which don't use the default bottle shape so the infused versions would look really weird, there's an option in mod settings to use an alternative overlay. You can set it to be used for every science pack, or for just the ones added by mods.

This mod is incompatible with More Science (for obvious reasons).


If you use this mod with any mod that adds new science packs or modifies the vanilla ones, please let me know in the discussion section if you ran into any problems or if everything works fine. I also apreciate any other feedback or suggestions.