One More Tier

by Jakzie

Adds one more (faster but more expensive) tier of Electric furnace, Ore refinery, Chemical plant, Assembling machine, Long handed inserter, Lab, Pumpjack, Pipe, Offshore pump, Storage tank, Transport belt, Electric mining drill and Roboport. You can enable/disable any of these in mod settings as well as change both speed and energy usage.

2 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
6 months ago
Latest Version:
1.1.2 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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  • Are you tired of building tons of furnaces, oil refineries and other machines?
  • Are you looking for a mod that adds faster machines without adding like 3 of each or ton of other crap you don't need?
  • Do you want to customize the speed and energy usage?
  • Do you need an option to use only some of those machines, because you have the other ones added by other mods?

If your answer is "yes" to those questions, then One More Tier is a perfect mod just for you.

It adds just one new tier of Electric furnace, Chemical plant, Oil refinery, Assembling machine, Long handed inserter, Lab, Pumpjack, Offshore pump, Electric mining drill and Roboport. All of those machines are faster than the vanilla ones but consume more electricity and produce bigger pollution. They are more expensive to make, require processing units to make them and productivity/utility science packs to research them.

The mod also includes:

  • High pressure pipes and Pressurized storage tank for more efficient transport and storage of high amounts of liquids.
  • Superfast and super-expensive transport belts for fast item transportation (with smart belt dragging support).

All entities from this mod should work fine with upgrade planner.


You can disable any of those additions in mod settings. By doing so the entity, its crafting recipe and the technology used to research it won't be loaded into the game at all. This can be useful if you have some other mods adding these machines, or you just don't want some of them.

Both the speed and energy usage are customizable. If you put a value in incorrect format as energy usage, the mod will ignore it and use default value instead.

New machines

- Advanced electric furnace

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage
  • 3 module slots
  • 1.3x bigger pollution

- Advanced chemical plant

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage
  • 4 module slots
  • 1.5x bigger pollution

- Advanced ore refinery

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage
  • 4 module slots
  • 1.5x bigger pollution

- Assembling machine 4

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage than tier 3
  • 1.3x bigger pollution than tier 3

- Fast long handed inserter

  • Same speed and energy usage as the fast inserter

- Advanced lab

  • 1.25x faster and 1.5x higher energy usage
  • 4 module slots
  • should work fine with modded science packs

- Fast pumpjack

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage
  • 3 module slots
  • 1.5x bigger pollution

- Fast offshore pump

  • 2x faster
  • will probably use electricity in the future

- Fast electric mining drill

  • 2x faster and 2.2x higher energy usage
  • 4 module slots
  • 1.5x bigger pollution

- Advanced roboport

  • 2x larger logistic area radius and 1.4x larger construction area radius
  • 2x faster robot charging speed and 2.2x higher base energy usage

Other additions

- High pressure pipe

  • 4x higher pressure for fast transport of big amounts of liquids
  • including special pipes from Flow Control, if installed
  • most machines don't have fluid output "strong" enough to get full advantage of these pipes (they get filled only partially, unless you use a pump), however machines from this mod have increased fluid output size to use them effectively even without pump

- Pressurized storage tank

  • 3x bigger capacity
  • has to be filled directly or through high pressure pipes, in both cases using either pump, another pressurized storage tank or output from any machine from this mod
  • can properly output fluid to high pressure pipes without a pump

- Superfast transport belt

  • 2x faster than express transport belt
  • max distance of 13 tiles for underground belt
  • works with the new smart belt dragging mechanic
  • for superfast version of Miniloader use the More miniloaders mod

Future plans

  • Optimizations and compatibility with other mods
  • Tweak crafting recipes according to testing and feedback
  • Replace placeholder textures with better ones


Should be compatible with any mod which doesn't change vanilla machines.
Recipes are generated dynamically, therefore they'll (try to) adapt to any changes made by other mods in recipes of vanilla machines. This adaptation isn't all-powerful, so don't expect recipes to be 100% perfect with any mod which changes the vanilla ones.


If you have any feedback, request or issue don't be afraid to let me know in the discussion section.

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