Adds the nether dimension, kind of like minecraft.

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2 months ago
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This mod adds the Nether Dimension, accessible from Nauvis via Nether Portals.
Like Minecraft, the Nether is smaller than the overworld, so traveling just a short distance equates to a much longer distance on Nauvis.

Nether Portals are made from obsidian, an extremely hard material forged of reinforced concrete, stone, and steam.

The nether scale can be configured from game startup settings. Default scale is 4:1 Nauvis:Nether ratio.
Standing on a Nether Portal will teleport the player from Nauvis to the Nether, or vice versa.
The Nether is hot, like hellishly hot. There is no water.
As in minecraft, the nether dimension in this mod is not meant to be easily accessible. It may take significant time and resources to even build just the first portal. However, with the right infrastructure and supply chain management, portals can be automated to acquire a stockpile or build out continuous production. And thanks to the unique spacial composition of the nether, traveling to distant outposts and charting unexplored regions is quick, easy, and fun once the portals have been built.

Note: this mod is a work in progress, so recipes and other aspects are subject to change. I am open to any feedback or ideas, just leave a post on the discussion board or contact me on discord :)

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