trainsaver creates a dynamic screensaver which follows trains as they drive around from station to station.

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Sit back, relax, and watch your trains drive around!

This mod creates a dynamic screensaver which follows trains as they drive around from station to station. The screensaver can be started or stopped at any time with cmd/ctrl + t or the /trainsaver chat command. The screensaver can also start automatically when a player is AFK. Most game-control keys will exit the screensaver and return control to the player, except the right/left arrow keys which navigate a history of previously viewed targets.

Please report any issues or suggestions on the Discussion page.


  • Easy Access: start or stop trainsaver at any time with a configurable hotkey (default: cmd/ctrl + t) or use the /trainsaver command in chat console
  • AFK AutoStart: trainsaver can start automatically when player is afk
  • Quick Escape: easily exit trainsaver by pressing any game-control key (inventory, logistic network, train overview, etc.)
  • Transition Control: choose between instant or speed based camera transitions in mod settings
  • Fully Configurable: each player has their own individual settings to control how trainsaver behaves (zoom, transitions, AFK AutoStart time, etc.)
  • Time Travel: take control of trainsaver's focus target and navigate through the history of previously viewed targets (default: right/left arrow keys)
  • Custom Achievements: 8 unique trainsaver achievements to unlock, plus 3 additional secret hidden ones!
  • Scope Creep: enable the scope creep mod setting to expand trainsaver's focus beyond just trains

trainsaver demo video

trainsaver extended preview video


trainsaver provides an interface for other mods to interact with. The interface is named trainsaver and includes the following functions:

  • trainsaver_status(player_index) --> returns the status of trainsaver for a given player, either "active" or "inactive"
  • trainsaver_target(player_index) --> returns the current target (LuaEntity | LuaUnitGroup) trainsaver is following for a given player or nil if none
  • start_trainsaver(player_index) --> starts trainsaver for a given player
  • end_trainsaver(player_index) --> ends trainsaver for a given player
  • toggle_trainsaver(player_index) --> toggles trainsaver for a given player
  • focus_next_target(player_index) --> tells trainsaver to go forward in history. finds a new target if current target is the newest in history
  • focus_previous_target(player_index) --> tells trainsaver to go backward in history. won't do anything the current target is the oldest in history
  • reset_player_history(player_index) --> clears the target history for a given player

Example interface usage:


Help translate trainsaver to more languages:
Currently available locale:
- English (en)


There are currently no known mod compatibility issues. To report a compatibility issue, please make a post on the discussion page.

If you have suggestions or bug fixes that you would like to contribute directly, feel free to open a pull request on GitHub.

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