by brevven

Adds titanium ore to the base game. Titanium is mined with lubricant and used in Low Density Structures, Flying Robot Frames and a few other places. Compatible with RSO, Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, and more. A standalone piece of BZ Mods. With graphics by snouz.

2 days ago
0.17 - 1.1

b [FIXED] Krastorio2 & EndgameCombat incompatibility

a month ago

Trying to run this with K2 and getting an issue when loading up the 2 mods together

a month ago

Hi! Thanks for the report. I'm able to load these mods together. If you are able, can you send me a save file or modlist so I can take a look. You can send via the forum, same username.

a month ago

Alright, bit of a list (sorry)
(sorry, I couldn't see where to attach a save file and it wouldn't like me paste a screenshot)

-base 1.1.61
-rusty locale 1.0.16
alien-biomes-hr-terrain 0.6.1
atomic_Overhaul 1.1.30
DragonIndustries 1.105.1
Electric-Weapons 1.1.2
ElectricTraines 1.3.3
fib 0.10.1
Flow Control 3.1.3
FNEI 0.4.1
GirlCharacter 1.0.6
information 0.2.2
jetpack 0.3.5
Krastorio2Assets 1.2.0
LaneBalancer 1.2.2
PlutoniumEnergy 1.4.3
Science_pack_glow 1.0.0
Squeak Through 1.8.2
UltimateBelts_Owoshima_And_Pankeko-Mod 1.1.0
windturbines-2 1.1.0
alien-biomes 0.6.7
AutoTrainDepot 1.105.1
DirtyMining 1.105.1
EndgameCombat 1.105.1
FactorIO 1.105.1
InfiTech 1.105.1
Krastorio2 1.2.25
RateCalculator 2.4.4
ArmouredBiters 1.1.5
Bioluminescence 1.105.1
bzsilicon 0.11.2
Cold_biters 1.1.2
Geothermal 1.105.1
miniloader 1.15.6
bzlead 1.2.6
bztungsten 0.6.4
bzzirconium 0.6.5
bzfoundary 0.2.2
bzaluminum 0.3.4

...Sorry, I went a little mod crazy on this world

Attempting to add titanium (bztitatium 1.2.3), it shows the:

Error loading mods

Failed to load mods: Error in assignID: item with name 'cobalt-steel' does not exist. It was removed by bztitanium"

Sourcs: kr-vc-cobalt-steel (recipe).

Mods to be disabled:

-bztitanium (1.2.3)
-Krastorio (1.2.25)

This is why I suspected it was these 2 mods not getting along. Loading up just Krastorio 2 and titanium mod together does appear to work though. I'm not quite sure where this "cobalt-steel" is coming from as searching the tech tree and item lists don't reveal it.

Oh, I just found the share option!!


a month ago

Ok, I had some time, so I tested with process of elimination and I think I found the mod issue. I can load all of the mods together with titanium, as long as I don't use EndgameCombat, so that's the one that appears to be the issue as all the other mods appear to play nice.
I'm assuming this is accidental, caused by an update, since I believe that the mod is listed as compatible.

a month ago

Thanks, I'll take a look. Endgame combat has been a bit difficult to make compatible, so it is indeed likely I accidentally broke compatibility.

a month ago

Oh! This turned out to be specifically a 3-way incompatibility between Titanium, Endgame Combat, and Krastorio 2. Fixed in latest.

a month ago
(updated a month ago)

Awesome, thanks a lot man!

...just updated and now it's saying that there is an issue between titanium and autoTrainDepot in regards to 'nickel-processing' when I add in Endgame Combat (sorry). Another issue crossed between EndgameCombat / Titanium / autoTrainDepot?

Sorry this is causing trouble; I can just disable the train mod if it's still an issue ^_^'

a month ago

No worries, it's always good to fix compatibility issues between mods. Let me take a look at that one.

a month ago

That one should be fixed now too. Let me know if you run into any more issues!

a month ago

Awesome, it's all working now. Thanks!!

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