Burner Power Progression

Higher tier boilers for power generation are more efficient (supports Bob's Power, KS Power and AAI Industry). The main focus of this mod is Seablock, but should also work with regular Bob's & Angel's (+ AAI Industry). Fuel values of chemical fuels (like coal or solid fuel) are doubled (except nuclear and rocket fuel). CAUTION: Space Exploration/Pyanodons/IR2 or other big overhauls are likely to don't behave as expected.

10 months ago

g Alternative

a year ago

Did you see Superheating? It's a different method of increasing power efficiency before nuclear is available.

a year ago

Looks nice. My approach was more to give an incentive to upgrade boilers/steamengine mainly in seablock environment, but also regular bobs or b&a. Otherwise, they just very expensive for only a bit of space saving.

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