Better Air Filtering

by JoeyDP
An overhaul of the air filtering mod by Schorty. Includes complex air filtering steps to remove pollution.
4 months ago
0.17 - 0.18

i Increase fluidbox capacity

- 3 months ago
(updated 3 months ago)

Hello, I've been trying to increase the pollution stored in machines so I can bump the update to 120 or more ( setting to 120 sometimes bugs out, getting stuck at 19.9 pollution stored, and stops the filter from working ) but i cant find out how to, can you teach me how to modify it if you dont plan to add it into official release? i'm playing on a mediocre laptop and i love megabases, so im doing all i can to squeeze more ups from your mod. Thanks

- 3 months ago

Got it working now, thanks for the great mod.