Amator Phasma's Coal & Steam

This mod revisits the early game of Factorio and pushes the electrification a bit further back by extending the Burner-Stage and inserting a new stage: Steam-Stage (buildings will be powered by steam). The production lines of this mod focus on fuel production, but it also comes with a few new intermediates and a new science package. It does not change the standard Techtree too much, the majority of the related tech for this mod comes before the vanilla techtree even begins. The vanilla techtree and most of the other mods content are locked behind a new technology called "Electrification" which can be called the goal of this modification.
11 days ago
0.17 - 0.18

b Conflict Amato Phasma's Coal and Steam with Bob's Plate

- 11 months ago


i think i've found a probleme with this two mods.

when they are activate in same time i've this probleme:

After found Steam power recherche i can't make iron pipe..; it's a really big problem because i can make steel pipe, but not iron pipe.

for more information, i use all bob's and angels mod, and AAI industry , so i can't have steam power before electrical power..; that's not what we want i thinks.

sorry for my bad english

have nice day

- 11 months ago

I have the same problem. I use bob's, angels and AAI. Everything fine in 17.45. Updated factorio and mods to 17.47 and iron pipes are now gone.

- 11 months ago

i think adding'apm_power_steam', 'pipe-to-ground')'apm_power_steam', 'pipe')

somewhere in technologies.lua fixed the problem for me

- 11 months ago

Additionally there is a recent conflict with:
AAI Industry
Amator Phasma's Coal & Steam (and dependencies)
Angel's Petro Chemical Processing
Angel Refining
Bob's Function Library mod
Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates mod
Not only have the recipes for (iron) pipe and the pipe to ground disappeared, but so has the boiler's.

- 11 months ago

I downloaded the old version AAI Industry 0.3.17 and the problem with the recipes was solved.

- 11 months ago

+1, same issue

- 9 months ago

Thanks for the reports!
I'm back in business!

this bugs will be fixed in next version this night (~23:00 GTM+1)

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