Alien Biomes

A collection of additional biomes: Snow, Volcanic, Crater, various colors of Dirt, Sand and Grass. Includes new tree and decorative variants. There are planet controls in the mod options. V3 is a complete rebuild, starting a new map is advised, but there is a terrain regeneration option that will preserve parts of your base. HR Terrain Textures are in a separate mod.

5 months ago
0.14 - 1.1

b After deleting this mod...(Bug?)

4 years ago

All alien bases from my save, were deleted... Any chance to make it "come back"? *Btw, sorry for my english, im czech, and im not in english very goodxddd

3 years ago

No that's an unfortunate consequence of regenerting the terrain. When chunks are regenrated there's a chance they contain new biter bases but that's just down to luck.