Alien Biomes

A collection of additional biomes: Snow, Volcanic, Crater, various colors of Dirt, Sand and Grass. Includes new tree and decorative variants. There are planet controls in the mod options. V3 is a complete rebuild, starting a new map is advised, but there is a terrain regeneration option that will preserve parts of your base. HR Terrain Textures are in a separate mod.

5 months ago
0.14 - 1.1

i living planet

4 years ago
(updated 4 years ago)

Problem: the map's biomes don't change along the game
Suggestion: in the "lifving forest" I suggest new tree, now I suggest competition intro biomes. Each tree has a biome and shoud be "born" in this biome, or in biomes transition with more percentage of tree's biomes. The idea is make the tree increase the percentage in a area around itself along grow. If other tree of other biome make this percentage fall more than 50%, the tree die, and turn a dead tree object. If the resources and the biomes have a link like "resource special attention" suggest, the area around resource is that biome until the resource be mining (the resource mixed in ground make the biome and feed the tree). So the play may change the map unconscious, when cut the tree or mining.

3 years ago

There are other mods that control forest lifecycles.