Alien Biomes

A collection of additional biomes: Snow, Volcanic, Crater, various colors of Dirt, Sand and Grass. Includes new tree and decorative variants. There are planet controls in the mod options. V3 is a complete rebuild, starting a new map is advised, but there is a terrain regeneration option that will preserve parts of your base. HR Terrain Textures are in a separate mod.

5 months ago
0.14 - 1.1

i Resources special attention

4 years ago

Problem: no link about biome and resource.
Suggestion: Each biome would have a different resource (don't forget, there is three group of resource, the vanila's, the Bob's and the Angel's). Some biomes combines with some resources, for example, the Vulcan inactive with coal, the active with fissure, sapphire grass with sapphirite...In the suggest "Hierarchical Biomes" I talked about few biomes, some biomes can be make starting resources (if I have an idea, I send), and the programming code that I talked could be starting to resources and expanded to biomes(this way the biomes is around resources).

3 years ago

This is not something for alien biomes to control directly so I will not be doing this, but it is something that can be done by a 3rd party mod.