Space Exploration Rebalancing

by AkBKukU

Rebalances different technologies and ingrediants for Space Exploration to make the game to allow earlier access to some things.

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Space Exploration Rebalancing

You're not playing Space Exploration without knowing how to play the base game and by design it is not a mod about large volume logistics challenges. So why are base game items and logistics resources locked so far into the game?

This mod changes research and recipes for some items and technologies to make them quicker to access. This is not meant to be an "easy mode" and each change can be enabled/disabled from the Mod Settings as well. Here are the currently implemented changes:


There are two options for the Spidertron:
- Base Game : Reverts research/recipe to be as equivalent to the original as possible
- Space Rebalance (Default) : Requires Cryonite at most to research and build, putting it in line with other logistics and character upgrades.

Now I'm going to contradict the purpose of this mod and say you should withhold from using the Spidertron for at least your first trip into space and planet output building. To spoil why, the Spidertron is both "free air" in space, and a risk free way of building out on remote planets. It is extremely powerful in Space Exploration. By using it before those points you deprive yourself what is actually an interesting challenge that is fun to solve. However, I'm not your parents trying to get you to eat your veggies, if you want it before that I've got you covered. I just don't recommend it.

Deep Space Belts

*50's Radio Announcer Voice*

In a stunning scientific break through, researchers have discovered a new way to secure your whatsits and doodads to a moving conveyor in the cold depths of space with the marvelous technology of thermomagnetics! With new ferrofluid filled bells wizzing about, you needn't fear about flinging your hard earned products off into the void. Available now at your nearest mod portal!

There's your lore reason, put more plainly this mod offers a vulcanite based recipe set for deep space belts so you can gain access to them earlier. They are way too far into the tech tree in the mod, it makes them basically useless. You get every other kind of production technology before them and will be set in your designs. The mod isn't about raw item throughput anyway, most sciences use less than 1000 packs and just setting up the bare infrastructure is the challenge itself.

The implementation I've used here requires pyroflux instead of lubricant and other earlier ingredients, I wasn't joking about the pyroflux as ferrofluid lore either, if you squint right at Wikipedia it might even be actually possible. I've also added optional support for AAI Loaders, this also required changing the Express (Blue) Loader to be in line with the express belt research.