AAI Vehicles: Hauler

A high capacity general-purpose hauling vehicle for moving items around. The Hauler was designed for use with AAI Programmable Vehicles mod and can act autonomously if programmed correctly, for example: collecting resources from Miners and delivering it to depots.
4 months ago
0.14 - 0.17


v0.4.2: Added hr graphics courtesy of Kamsta99. (There will be re-rendered hr graphics with wheel movement eventually).

v0.4.1: Updated for Factorio 0.17

v0.3.1: Updated for Factorio 0.16. The hauler now deals less damage when ramming.

v0.2.3: Decreased damage resistance.

v0.2.2: Hauler now requires tech

v0.2.1: Updated for Factorio 0.15