Wave Defense Unlimited

by OwnlyMe
Wave defense with infinite scaling and lots of settings. Tower defense! Available in freeplay mode and as scenario.
18 days ago
0.16 - 0.18


- Updated construction robot prototypes to the new format

- Updated to the new sounds
- Fixed a scenario satellite launch error when playing with certain mods
- Fixed spitter tints and removed acid splashes (behemoth+)

- When a mod calls "reset technology effects", you'll keep your upgrades

- Updated code to match 0.17.35's change: "Removed LuaStyle::title_top_padding, title_right_padding, title_bottom_padding and title_left_padding."
- Made the upgrade gui a bit more beautiful

- Increased Laser turret input flow limit, allowing it to shoot up to 60 times per second (the actual engine limit)

- Stronger Explosives now gets applied to rocket damage
- Added support for my "Turret Shields" mod, the upgrades can be bought with wave defense credits

- Fixed biters sometimes not attacking in freeplay
- Fixed Spitter Corpses

- Fixed that skipping the timer in late game gave ridiculous amounts of bonus money

- Improved 0.17 support

- Reduced recipe costs

- Improved construction robot appearance
- Fixed the mining result of the robot and the take result of the roboport
- Almost all items are now affected by the start items multiplier, at least if it's <1
- Added icons on the map where the enemies are

- Added freeplay-mode
- Added new craftable start-items for freeplay
- You can now right- and shift-click to buy upgrades

- This now should really be the last time you need to update your savegame
- Fixed the multiplayer problems of version 0.16.9

- This is the last time you need to update your savegame, 99% of the code is now executed by the mod files
- When a satellite is launched, all living biters loose 1% health per second and yield 50% cash
- All settings except "final enemy health multiplier", "pre-generated waves" and "ammo magazine size multiplier" can now be changed ingame

0.16.8 (please update your savegame)
- Recommended setting for constant health multiplier is now 100, exponential health multiplier 1.06 and ammo size multiplier 3
- Added a scenario-specific gun-turret with stats similar to the Long Range Turret mod (full savegame migration)
- Flamethrower damage is reduced by 35%, explosion damage by 50% and poison damage is increased for behemoths (btw the poison capsules stack)
- Uranium ammo now has 100% bigger magazines
- Much steeper rising difficulty in the satellite round https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywltwr7xpi49j01/graph.png?raw=1
- Added a countdown that shows when the difficulty rises in the satellite round
- The fraction of behemoth biters per wave increases gradually in the first satellite round so it doesn't jump from 50% to 100% at wave 23 anymore
- After each satellite round, the current wave gets set to 5 waves after the beginning of last satellite round. (25, 45, 65..)

- Nerfed Behemoth Biters to their vanilla HP and also reduced their physical armor a bit
- Rebalancing of most units' damage resistances
- Added "preparation time" setting
- Changed the influence of the "start items multiplier" setting on less important items
- Solo mode gets power armor Mk2, an additional fusion reactor and a battery Mk2
- Replaced the setting "Max health you expect to see" with a more intuitive "Pre-generated waves" setting
- Fixed that units didn't spawn after wave ~91

0.16.6 (Savegame update not required)
- "Final enemy health multiplier" now affects the first 16 waves (again)
- Added the setting "Start items multiplier"

0.16.5 (Savegame update not required)
- Better algorithm for seperating ore patches

- Oil yield is now influenced by both patch size and extra yield
- Lowered satellite cost and cost scaling
- Adjusted Multiplayer difficulty formula (making it also a bit harder)
- Crafting speed in solo mode is increased by 150%
- Added a gap between ore patches when using the bigger ore patches setting
- Added settings for wave size multiplier, wave spawning duration and time between waves

- Fixed a crash from 0.16.2 when buying a satellite without enough money
- Fixed some spitter running animations (showed the wrong model before)
- Now migrates (reduces) flamethrower research when updating a savegame from 0.16.1

- Multiplayer difficulty scaling by players
- Fixed wrong tinting of many biters
- Satellite round level grows 4 seconds faster every level (so no infinite money farming possible anymore)
(but the current wave resets to 21, 41, ... when the satellite is launched)
- Satellite cost scales more
- First behemoth biters are weaker
- Increased Flame Thrower research cost

0.16.1 - Initial release featuring:
- Procedurally generated enemies for infinite scaling
- Difficulty settings, also affecting enemy armor
- Balancing, especially the overpowered flamethrower turrets
- Wave hitpoints display (wave 20+)
- Solo mode with more starting items
- Ammo tweak that doesn't affect the vanilla game
- Ore-yield and -patch-size settings
- "Send satellite"-round doesn't pause the wave progress
- Satellite gets more expensive every "satellite round"